Toddler Training Pants For Girls

Frequently Asked Questions

    How many pairs of cloth training pants are needed when potty training a toddler?
    I'm just wondering how many I'll need to buy assuming that I won't use disposable training pants except for outings. Also, to any moms out there who know---how long was your kid wearing training pants before switching to regular underwear? I've heard boys are slower with potty training than girls. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      a lot. I just used regular underwear, and set a timer for every 20-25 minutes for a "try time." But for the first three days, until it "clicked" I was scrubbing the carpets and changing her pants quite often.

    Who has the best tips and results for potty training a 23 month old female toddler?
    Ive tried no diaper, then training pants but nothing really seams to work. I know when shes "going" and i tell her hurry lets sit on your potty but she pushes me away and acts embarrassed and scared. What should i try? Am i doing something i shouldn't? Any advise?

    • ANSWER:
      I am in the same process with my 23 month old daughter. Its been 2.5 weeks now and its a struggle but it is somewhat working. For the past couple of days she is asking me once or twice to go potty. I know how you feel. I am pulling my hair out LOL. But keep going she will get the point dont give up. What worked best for my daughter was the NAKED METHOD. I kept her nake for a day and she hated the feeling of pee going down her leg. I also reward her with silly star stickers (she puts them on her progress sheet), high fives and silly dances. Keep giving her lots of fluids. Monitor her really good, watch her.

      I have one potty seat in living room and one in the bathroom. I also keep her on underwear too, I only use pull-ups when going out and diaper at night. DONT GIVE UP,. You worked this hard....keep going. Girls are easier. Dont feel bad I have to potty train her twin also.


    How many ounces does a toddler pee?
    I want to know because my toddler's potty training and I'm thinking about getting training pants for car rides (so if she has an accident she won't have to sit in a wet car seat). The pants hold 8 ounces and are kind of pricey so I only want to get them if they will contain the liquid. I don't want to buy pull ups- my toddler doesn't like them and wants to wear underwear.

    • ANSWER:
      Please don't listen to those people telling you to put her in a Pull-Up let her wear panties she is a big girl! Pull-ups are like diapers. Try putting one of those water proof lap pads on the seat of her car-seat that way her seat will stay dry they come in a 3 pack so if she has an accident you can put down a dry one. Good luck and don't worry she will soon be able to hold it for a long ride. As for measuring how many ounces I suggest pouring her potty chair offerings into a measuring cup that should give an accurate guess.

    Is it better to wait to potty train toddlers until after the baby comes or before?
    I am expecting baby #2 December 29th and have a 19 month old. She seems interested in going potty and has had a bowel movement on the toilet twice (because I set her there when I saw she was going to go). The only reason I am hesitant to train now, is that I have heard when new babies come the toddler can unpotty train themselves. What do you think? Also, should I be casual about the whole thing or be super consistent?

    • ANSWER:
      i started potty training my boy when he was 19 - 20 months - started of with pooing in the toilet. every time he needed a poo i got him to tell us and we went to the loo and took the nappy off...i was pregnant and the smell of a diry nappy and cleaning the dirty bum made me physically sick so we started early!!

      then once he was doing that great we just whipped the nappy right off - no pull up pants (personally i think they confuse them - are they pants are they a nappy??? so no pull up pants.) we went shopping and he picked his own pants so he knew exactly what they were and he felt really grown up choosing them himself.
      also we went with a really plain potty - i think all these mad singing and dancing ones are also confusing - at the end of the day they are doing the toilet not playing you want it to be as simple and easy to to do as possible - distractions will just cause more accidents. he picked the colour he wanted.

      through out the whole time we explained and explained and explained what was happening and what a big boy he was being. within 2 weeks he was totally trained - including not using the potty - using the main toilet

      he was going to the big toilet for about 4ish months before she came and never ' unpotty trained'. i think that is more to do with attention more than doing the toilet

      we were super super consistent but laid back about mistakes and accidents - you dont want her to have an accident and then try hide it because you go mad - we just made sure he knew what had happened and why and that he had to be really vocal about needing the toilet - can be a bit embarrassing when your in the middle of a restaurant and they shout 'i really really need a big poo mummy'

      so, go pretty big girl pant shopping and let her pick the potty, pick out a beautiful new bed set ( she wont want to get it messy!), keep it simple and be consistent and fingers crossed you'll have a fully potty trained toddler in time for the new baby!

      good luck!!

    How do you get your toddler to stop peeing in their underwear?
    My two year old has been a challenge for us when it comes to potty training, their will be times where she'll go consistently, then she'll regress and pee in her panties two or three
    times a day. Have any of you experienced this same problem, what did you do about it?

    • ANSWER:
      my 2 yr old was hell too. she would have accidents during the day.mostly because she would wait til the last minute, and couldnt make it. then sometimes she would be so caught up in playing i think she would forget or maybe didnt feel the tickle? but have u or do u use pull-ups.? my daughter wouldnt pee in the pot if she had them on. but when i would take them off she would pee in the toliet, she would still have the ocasinal accident. she was kind of backwords though. first she stayed drie all night, but pee in her pants duing the day, but finally, she got better. some of my tips are, DONT GET MAD!!!! she can sense that and when its time for her to potty again, shell remember that anger and get a little freaked out. 2nd, praise her and get excited whenever she does good. like we did "yay! jayjay went pepe in the potty...yay big girl." stuff like that, and just be patient. shell eventually get it down packed. good luck, and i hope i helped a little in some way.

    When is the best time to start potty training a girl?
    I have asked around and the doctor says definatly not before she is 2 (my daughter is 19months) yet other people say I should have started already. She is giving me some signs she is ready to start training, but I would just like some hints and tips from other mothers who've been here and done this. :o )

    • ANSWER:
      The only right reason for beginning to potty train your child is that your little one has show an actual interest in using the potty. You will also find that when your child is ready, potty training will be much easier. If you have not seen a strong interest, then your attempts will be useless, and you may find yourself becoming frustrated and even angry that the potty training has not been successful. The key is to begin potty training when your child is ready, not when you are ready.

      Before you can begin to potty train your child, you must first ask yourself whether your child shows signs of readiness. The top five signs of potty training readiness are:

      1. Your child can stay dry for a several hours or even overnight.

      2. Your child knows when he has wet or soiled his diaper, and knows what "pee", "poop", "potty", and similar words mean.

      3. Your child shows independence by wanting to do things by himself.

      4. Your child can pull his pants down and up.

      5. Your child asks questions and/or shows in interest when others go "potty".

      If your child has most, and hopefully all, of the above signs of readiness, you may be ready to begin potty training. Here is the method I recommend that parents follow:

      Buy Cotton Training Pants
      First of all, do not use disposable training pants (such as Huggies "Pull-Ups"). They are too much like a diaper and very absorbent, and tend to confuse many children. My recommendation is to use plain cotton training underpants. These training pants are similar to normal underwear, but they have a little extra padding in the crotch area. Usually you can find these in any store that sells children's clothing. I recommend that you buy approximately 9-12 pairs of the underpants. You should also purchase several pairs of "plastic/nylon pants", which will be worn over the cotton underpants.

      The Big Day Is Here
      Decide when you will begin to potty train your toddler. Make sure that when you do begin, that there is nothing traumatic going on in your child's life and that you can give your child and the potty training your full attention.

      On the big day, tell your little one that he is going to start using the "big boy" or "big girl" underwear, or whatever term you like, and start having your child use them. I would recommend using the underpants with the plastic pants over them, but the choice is yours. The plastic pants will help to protect your child's clothing.

      It is also important that when you do decide to begin potty training, that you are able to follow the steps in a consistent method. If you child attends preschool, make sure the caregivers understand the method of potty training you are following and require them to follow the same method. You should also make sure that you follow the method when you are away from home or when you have company.

      Wetting & Soiling
      Be aware that your child may wet the underpants and soil them. Very few children will be accident free in the early days of potty training. As a matter of fact, this may happen over and over again. Just remember to remain calm and patient.

      When your little one tells you that he has wet his pants, take him into the bathroom and sit him on the toilet as you remove the wet underpants and clothing. At this point you may wish to explain to your little one that he needs to remember to go potty in the big toilet. Let him sit on the toilet so that he will get used to the feel of it. After you have removed the wet clothing, get the clean underpants and other clean clothing, if necessary. When you have the dry, clean clothing ready, help your little one clean his bottom. After this, you can put the clean underpants and clothing on.

      Personal Hygiene
      Another very important step is to make sure to have your child flush the toilet, even if they didn't "go" in it. After flushing, go together to your sink and wash your hands together. Again, the handwashing should be done even if your child didn't actually "go" in the toilet. With the toilet flushing and the handwashing, you are getting your child ready for the routine of what happens when you go potty.

      These are the steps and you should repeat them over and over, in a consistent pattern, until your child is fully potty trained. If your child is terrified to be placed on the toilet, or if your child continues soiling the underpants for days, with no urination or bowel movements in the toilet, then your child is not ready for potty training at this time. Stop potty training for a while, and resume again when your child might be more ready.

      I also want to remind you to enjoy this time. Yes, enjoy it! This is a very big milestone for your child and although it creates a lot of work for you, it will all be worth it.

    How do you know its time to start potty training and how long does it(on average)take before they are?
    My 17 month old twins have both taken there diapers off already(when they didn't have pants or shorts on) when they had a dirty diaper. Could this be a sign?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a checklist of signs that your toddler is ready for potty training. If you wait unil the child is showing all of the signs, training can be accomplished in a matter of days. If you start before your child exhibits all or at least most of these signs, it will take much longer to train him/her.

      Some say that the magic age for boys is between 27-32 months, and girls are often a little earlier, but it all depends on their readiness, not their age.

      Good luck!

    What is a good age to start potty training?
    My duaghter is almost 20 months and I would like to get her trained. She comes to me after she pees/poops so I'm thinking she is ready but when trying to use her minnie mouse training potty she wants to play with it. Using the big potty is a game to her.

    • ANSWER:
      The fact that she notices when she has already peed and pooped is a good sign. These are other signs that show she's ready to be potty trained: She notices when she is peeing and pooping, she can stay dry for about 2 hours (meaning she's got basic bladder control), she shows an interest in the potty, and she's in a cooperative phase.

      Right now you can work with her to help pay more attention to her body. Point out to her when you notice she's peeing or pooping. Soon she'll start to notice when she's doing it to, not just when she's already done it. Also, with my kids, I got potty training DVDs from the library. They liked watching them and it helps to have toddler characters showing how to use the potty. Also, I'd let them come in the bathroom with me when I went. And I started saying things like, "I've got that feeling in my tummy. I need to go pee."

      Once she's noticing when she's going, I think she'll be ready! Sometimes toddlers get in an uncooperative phase, so if she does, just take a break, but you'll know physically she can do it! I've known many little toddler girls who started potty training before 2. Some trained very slowly, but some caught on quickly. Just realize that she may not be able to pull up her underwear and shorts/pants on her own or wash her hands well without help for a while.

      Good luck!

      Potty training signs:
      Potty training girls:
      Potty training methods:

    How to potty train a boy and what to do when he starts to climb out of his crib?
    I am a first time mom. My son will be 2 in June. I am starting to potty train him but dont know exactly how to do it, is there a easy and fast way to do it? Also, he climbs out of his crib after waking up from a nap or bed. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello! I also have a little girl who will be 2 in June. She has been potty trained for a few months now. She started waking up dry each morning and after her naps-so I began putting her on the potty each time she woke up and she always went. Then I started taking her to the potty every 30 to 45 minutes and I ditched the diapers. She wears Kushies training pants ( or regular underwear so that she understand when she has accidents (pullups just absorb the wettness like diapers, which defeats the purpose)

      If your son isn't showing any signs of being read though it may not be time to potty train-my son was almost 3 before he was ready.

      As far as the crib I would take the side off (if it's a convertable crib)-it's better than him hurting himself by climbing out. Or covert to a toddler bed (I have seen a ton at yard sales this year-as cheap as !)

      Good Luck!

    How do i start toilet training my toddler?
    my little girl is 19 months old and has started showing signs that its time to start toilet training. but i have no idea where to start.

    any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Getting Started

      Involve your child in buying a potty and perhaps let them choose their potty with you. Leave the potty so your toddler can see it in the bathroom. At around eighteen months introduce your toddler to the potty. Try to let your child watch other children using the potty and let your toddler see you using the toilet.

      When your child is about two, sit him on the potty from time to time, and give lots of praise if he 'uses' the potty. If your child regularly opens his bowels at about the same time each day, choose this moment to sit him on the potty.

      It is often a good idea to start potty training in warm weather so your child can run around without pants, or just with a pair of cotton pants. You will need to remind your child regularly to tell you when he needs the potty.

      Accidents will happen, do not get cross, simply clean up and tell him where the poo or the wee should go next time. Occasionally, let your toddler try the toilet, some children prefer it. You can put a child seat on your toilet and purchase a step up to it to make it easier. However children often want you to hold them on the toilet, even when they are proficient toilet users. Do not expect your child to be able to wipe his own bottom, most children need help with this for some time.

      Tips for successful potty training
      Choose a time to potty train when nothing else significant is happening in your toddler's life e.g. the arrival of a new baby or starting nursery.

      Give plenty of praise every time your toddler uses the potty or toilet.

      Choose a potty with your child.

      Dress your child in trousers or leggings that can be pulled down easily, preferably with elasticated waists.

      It is possible to skip the potty stage and use the toilet from the start.

      Trainer pants (disposable nappies that look and feel like pants) are ideal for trips away from home, but may confuse your child as they are so like nappies your child may forget the need to use the potty.

      Try to make sure using the potty is an enjoyable experience, try not to let it become associated with telling your child off.

      Do not get cross! Try to always remain calm, even if your toddler has made a mess. If accidents happen, remain sympathetic, your child will pick up on anxiety or frustration. It is so easy for a toddler to forget about the potty and the toilet. If accidents are making you irritable, leave training for a week or two and go back to nappies.

      Teach boys to use the potty sitting down at first. They can progress to standing up later

      You may wish to buy a potty training book, video, or chart, which deal with the issues in more detail.

      You can devise your own scheme to encourage your child with stickers or stars

      You could try giving your child other small rewards such as a piece of fruit, if you think it would encourage the process.

    What's the best way to keep my toddler potty trained?
    My daughter is two and a half and she 'was' potty trained but now she is reverting back to relying on her britches as a toilet. I think her preschool might have something to do with it. What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      The only right reason for beginning to potty train your child is that your little one has show an actual interest in using the potty. You will also find that when your child is ready, potty training will be much easier. If you have not seen a strong interest, then your attempts will be useless, and you may find yourself becoming frustrated and even angry that the potty training has not been successful. The key is to begin potty training when your child is ready, not when you are ready.

      Before you can begin to potty train your child, you must first ask yourself whether your child shows signs of readiness. The top five signs of potty training readiness are:

      1. Your child can stay dry for a several hours or even overnight.

      2. Your child knows when he has wet or soiled his diaper, and knows what "pee", "poop", "potty", and similar words mean.

      3. Your child shows independence by wanting to do things by himself.

      4. Your child can pull his pants down and up.

      5. Your child asks questions and/or shows in interest when others go "potty".

      If your child has most, and hopefully all, of the above signs of readiness, you may be ready to begin potty training. Here is the method I recommend that parents follow:

      Buy Cotton Training Pants
      First of all, do not use disposable training pants (such as Huggies "Pull-Ups"). They are too much like a diaper and very absorbent, and tend to confuse many children. My recommendation is to use plain cotton training underpants. These training pants are similar to normal underwear, but they have a little extra padding in the crotch area. Usually you can find these in any store that sells children's clothing. I recommend that you buy approximately 9-12 pairs of the underpants. You should also purchase several pairs of "plastic/nylon pants", which will be worn over the cotton underpants.

      The Big Day Is Here
      Decide when you will begin to potty train your toddler. Make sure that when you do begin, that there is nothing traumatic going on in your child's life and that you can give your child and the potty training your full attention.

      On the big day, tell your little one that he is going to start using the "big boy" or "big girl" underwear, or whatever term you like, and start having your child use them. I would recommend using the underpants with the plastic pants over them, but the choice is yours. The plastic pants will help to protect your child's clothing.

      It is also important that when you do decide to begin potty training, that you are able to follow the steps in a consistent method. If you child attends preschool, make sure the caregivers understand the method of potty training you are following and require them to follow the same method. You should also make sure that you follow the method when you are away from home or when you have company.

      Wetting & Soiling
      Be aware that your child may wet the underpants and soil them. Very few children will be accident free in the early days of potty training. As a matter of fact, this may happen over and over again. Just remember to remain calm and patient.

      When your little one tells you that he has wet his pants, take him into the bathroom and sit him on the toilet as you remove the wet underpants and clothing. At this point you may wish to explain to your little one that he needs to remember to go potty in the big toilet. Let him sit on the toilet so that he will get used to the feel of it. After you have removed the wet clothing, get the clean underpants and other clean clothing, if necessary. When you have the dry, clean clothing ready, help your little one clean his bottom. After this, you can put the clean underpants and clothing on.

      Personal Hygiene
      Another very important step is to make sure to have your child flush the toilet, even if they didn't "go" in it. After flushing, go together to your sink and wash your hands together. Again, the handwashing should be done even if your child didn't actually "go" in the toilet. With the toilet flushing and the handwashing, you are getting your child ready for the routine of what happens when you go potty.

      These are the steps and you should repeat them over and over, in a consistent pattern, until your child is fully potty trained. If your child is terrified to be placed on the toilet, or if your child continues soiling the underpants for days, with no urination or bowel movements in the toilet, then your child is not ready for potty training at this time. Stop potty training for a while, and resume again when your child might be more ready.

      I also want to remind you to enjoy this time. Yes, enjoy it! This is a very big milestone for your child and although it creates a lot of work for you, it will all be worth it.

    Has anyone switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers to help with potty training?
    I have heard that it helps for kids who are potty training to wear cloth diapers because they can feel the wet more than in disposables. I would like to try this but don't want to spend the money on cloth diapers if it does not seem to make a difference. I also like the idea of not using disposables because of environmental reasons.

    • ANSWER:
      I have a suggestion ... rather than spend the money on cloth diapers buy big girl/boy underwear for your child . to protect the clothes also buy waterproof over pants. Normally found in the same section as you would find your underwear for you toddler. They normally run about 3 $ for a package of 6 waterproof pants at walmart. the underwear you are going to buy anyway once you get them out of diapers . trust me the platic underwear and normal underwear are a lot cheaper than the cloth diapers you are thinking of spending

      Word of warning though... you can wash the platic overpants but do not put them in the dryer....they get ruined that way !!! let them air dry....i learned that from

    What are some ways of encouraging my toddler to get read to potty train???
    I have a two year old. He really isn't interested in potty training and I have no intentions of forcing him because that is just detrimental. However, I would like to gently encourage him. Does anyone have any suggestions for encouraging without being overbearing?
    Sorry that was supposed to be ready...not read.

    • ANSWER:
      Experiment with potties. See if he prefers going on the big toilet with a seat, or the little potty. If you go to a friend's house, make a big deal of their potty (Oh, so-and-so has a DIFFERENT potty! Look what colour it is! Do you want to sit on it?) this last one was what really made the difference in my daughter. For a while, she never wanted to go at home but would ALWAYS go when we were somewhere else that had a "new" potty. Eventually, i decided to up and buy us a different one - which was very exciting for her and she wanted to go on the "new" potty every time. Eventually the newness wore off but she was almost fully potty trained by then so it was ok!

      Giving him as much pants-off time as possible is really helpful. That way he doesn't need to wait to tell you, and take his pants off, before he goes. Keep the potty in the living room so he's got easy access. Yes of course you'll still have accidents. But its a short time, keep a good cleaner handy. Messes are a regular part of having kids

      Get a good potty book, too. We really loved "Once Upon a Potty". It was so exciting for my daughter to read, she just loved it. They have one for boys and one for girls.

    When should I start potty training my kids?
    I 2 kids a boy and a girl. My daughter is almost 2 and im not sure when I should start potty training her and how to go about it. So i would love some advice.

    ANY tips or trick for potty training girls and boys would be nice.

    • ANSWER:
      Potty training is a rite of passage that all toddlers (and their parents) must go through. First you need to make you that both your toddler and you are ready to begin. Your toddler should be at least 2 years old, and be able to do such things as walk from room to room, raise and lower his or her own pants, sit independently, and follow a few one-step commands. Children also should have some awareness of and be able to communicate the need to urinate. You also need to be ready to provide consist support to your toddler as he or she learns to use the toilet. Your home life also should be fairly stable at this time (e.g., not in the process of moving or divorce.) Now you know that all parties are ready, here are some tips to help you both survive the process. They are called the 7 Ps, no pun intended.
      1. Parent modeling. Frequently allow your child to go with either you or your spouse to the bathroom. Like almost anything else, young children first learn by observing and mimicking mom and dad s behavior.
      2. Potty chair. Give your child a chance to get used to and comfortable with the potty chair. Set it out and let your child sit on it, name it, put stickers on it, and decide (within reason) where to put it i.e. in front of the toilet or by the sink.
      3. Practice. Let your child practice using the potty chair. This practice should be "play" practice, with clothes on. The next part may be difficult for some dads, but it s only temporary. In the beginning, boys should be trained to sit on the potty chair or the toilet, for two reasons. First, sitting encourages bowel movements and so you might get a twofer, which is a bowel movement and urination during the same sitting. Second, sitting will help avoid what one might call the garden hose effect. Untrained boys have not yet had to stand, urinate, and aim all at the same time and may (will) accidentally spray the room (missing the potty or the toilet). Later, when toilet training is well established, they can stand.
      4. Pull-ups. Unfortunately for your child (but fortunately for your budget), to make the program work, your child must go cold turkey on Pull-ups, except at bedtime. The reason for this approach is simple: Pull-ups are actually wearable toilets, and your child is unlikely to see much need for using the one in your home when he or she can much more easily use the one he or she is wearing.
      5. Prompting: You will need to prompt your child to go to the bathroom and sit for a few minutes multiple times a day. Tell, them when they need to sit on the potty chair. Don t ask if they need to go potty. The answer will invariably be no even as they do the gotta potty dance in before your very eyes and a huge puddle forms on the floor at your very feet.
      6. Praise. Praise you child for all correct toileting behaviors, Not just when he or she produces a poo-poo or a pee-pee but every time your child does any toileting behavior correctly pulls down his or her pants, sits on the potty, whatever be sure to praise him or her. Do this even when your child is having more accidents than successes. Remember, as children enter into the training phase, the training is likely to be way more important to you than it is to them. But if they get the idea that pooping and peeing into the potty is a way for them to get their names in lights, the importance of training will quickly increase for them, along with their cooperation. You can take this a step further and use rewards. One method is to wrap little items stickers, tiny toys, beads, gum, etc. in tin foil and put them in jar near the bathroom. When the child achieves a success at any level, he or she gets to grab one prize (not one handful) from the jar. Praise and rewards make the training experience fulfilling, and make it more likely that children will repeat the positive toilet behaviors.
      7. Postpone. Here in P #7 we have some really good news. You can always postpone. You can always put them back in Pampers or Pull-ups, declare a moratorium on any discussion about toileting for a few weeks or even months, and then start again. They will ultimately be motivated to be trained, possibly by something other than your prompting. For example, the rules of social life in childhood weigh heavily against toileting accidents in school-aged kids. In fact, research shows that having an accident in school is the third greatest child fear, behind the death of a parent and going blind. (And I know that high school kids frown on their peers who wear Pampers or Pull-ups.) So the point of P #7 is that if training is going badly, for whatever reason, you can use the time-honored method for winning a war that is being lost declare victory and retreat.
      For more on potty training and other parenting issues, visit our website at

      Counselor C.L.
      Boys Town National Hotline

    What's the best way to potty training a toddler?
    My daughter is going to be three in March soon. We want to start potty training her but her Dr. told us to wait 3 months because I just had a baby boy in Nov.. She wanting to be train now but we want to wait until her brother three months. So what tips do you have so we can make it easier for her to train when we start.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, your daughter is older so you should make it a big special thing. Let her help you take out the potty and put in the bathroom. Tell her it's her special potty seat and that when she sits on it she is a big girl. Reading books to her about using the potty is a great idea, and showing her with her favorite doll or stuffed animal is helpful too. Through out the diapers and buy some Pull ups or even go straight to regular undies, and tell her that those are her big girl pants, she has to go in the potty and keep them dry. Reward her each time she uses the potty, stickers are great for this! But don't make a big deal when she has accidents (because she will!) just calmly remind her that she needs to sit on the potty next time and change her. Be patient, it take some time but she'll get it.

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      Puberty is the process of becoming sexually mature. It's the time when a child starts to become a young adult. Everyone goes through it. But central precocious puberty, or CPP, is not regular puberty. A simple way to describe it is that it's the right process happening at the wrong time. CPP is when a child's body begins changing into an adult body too soon.
      How early is too early?
      CPP is a type of early puberty. When puberty begins before age 8 for girls, and before age 9 for boys, it is considered CPP. CPP occurs in 1 out of every 5,000 to 10,000 children. And it's more common in girls.
      The changes that puberty brings are challenging, even when they come at a normal time. They may be overwhelming when they happen to a child too early. That's why it's important to know the difference between signs of regular puberty and the onset of CPP, which is driven by early hormone secretion. For this, there are treatments available. In certain rare cases, these signs may also indicate the presence of an underlying condition. So, it's important to see your child's pediatrician if he or she shows signs of CPP.

      As a medical term, precocious puberty describes puberty occurring at an unusually early age. In most of these children, the process is normal in every respect except the unusually early age, and simply represents a variation of normal development. In a minority of children, the early development is triggered by a disease such as a tumor or injury of the brain. Even in instances where there is no disease, unusually early puberty can have adverse effects on social behavior and psychological development, can reduce adult height potential, and may shift some lifelong health risks. Central precocious puberty can be treated by suppressing the pituitary hormones that induce sex steroid production.

      The term is used with several slightly different meanings that are usually apparent from the context. In its broadest sense, and often simplified as early puberty, "precocious puberty" sometimes refers to any physical sex hormone effect, due to any cause, occurring earlier than the usual age, especially when it is being considered as a medical problem. Stricter definitions of "precocity" may refer only to central puberty starting before a statistically specified age based on percentile in the population (e.g., 2.5 standard deviations below the population mean),[1] on expert recommendations of ages at which there is more than a negligible chance of discovering an abnormal cause, or based on opinion as to the age at which early puberty may have adverse effects. A common definition for medical purposes is onset before 8 years in girls or 9 years in boys.

      It occurs in 1 out of 5000-10,000 children. You can't prevent your child being born with this condition, but there are treatment option.

    What do you do about a youth group that is blatantly disrespectful?
    I remember a time not too long ago where young people had the decency to at least hush their mouths during worship...keep in mind this question is being asked by a 22 year old mentor. I'm not saying they must believe in what I believe in, however, if you come to a church service to disrupt and cause havoc there is something wrong and i'm not particularly interested in answers from subjects that probably scour religious threads just to bash someones beliefs.

    • ANSWER:
      The church has some very nearly subject (-ified) all worship, it is difficult to demonstrate to youth that there is anything "wrong" with their behavior. God is no longer the object of our worship, we are the object.

      Youth need sound teaching on the holiness of God. They may hear a lot about their need for personal holiness, but there is little understanding of the absolute superior holiness and sovereignty of God.

      We're often accused here by non-Christian sorts of using hell to scare people into submission. That's hardly the case. We almost ignore that topic entirely.

      The youth (the whole church) needs to understand the weight of God's mercy. His holiness is so completely separate from us, that we are justly objects of His Divine Wrath. Do a careful reading of Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of and Angry God" for more on this. I mean really study it!

      Here's a sample:

      "God has laid himself under no obligation, by any promise to keep any natural man out of hell one moment. God certainly has made no promises either of eternal life, or of any deliverance or preservation from eternal death, but what are contained in the covenant of grace, the promises that are given in Christ, in whom all the promises are yea and amen. But surely they have no interest in the promises of the covenant of grace who are not the children of the covenant, who do not believe in any of the promises, and have no interest in the Mediator of the covenant."

      That's a little heavy, I know, but I hope you understand the main point from the first sentence: God is under no obligation ..." That's His Sovereignty at work.

      What is God -- an all-loving Sky-Buddy? or is God the one who for no other reason except for His own pleasure allows us to live one more instant! Allows a person to keep on sinning and still breathing air!

      We are fond of saying how much God loves everybody, but fail to understand that God is under no obligation to love anybody! He didn't have to make the earth -- and He didn't have to make the earth such a human-friendly place.

      We want our youth groups full of teens. We measure success by home many attend each week. How about a different measurement?

      How can we expect them to worship God (in the beauty of His holiness) when they can't even provide a decent definition of God, like this one from the Westminster Shorter Catechism (once included in every American first grade primer):

      "God is a spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth."

      They need to be challenged more, I think. Help them to discover meaning rather than preach meaning to them. They need to understand the reason for standards in worship.

      They need to understand that it is NOT about them. Worship is about GOD -- the one true God, not the god they have made up in their minds. Worshiping that god is idolatry, and God will not tolerate such.

      Maybe you could do a study of R.S. Sproul's book, "The Holiness of God."

      Don't expect them to follow your lead just because you have been named the "leader." It doesn't work that way.

      Also, remember that discipline problems most likely stem from other problems. Lack of knowledge is one of those matters. Sin is another.

      Don't try to make everything "relevant" to teen culture. Make things relevant to God.

    What is your opinion of dating single mothers?
    I am 22 years old 1 year left in college and then its either law school or bust. Recently I've become enamored with a young woman; thing is shes a mom!

    Frankely, Id' like to marry her. I know; crazy; but I'm just the sort of person who is happy to get bullshit over with. Also; Id' raise the child as my own. She would also make a very pretty first lady.

    • ANSWER:
      Bravo! It takes a real man to meet this kind of challenge. Just keep in mind that by definition this woman has a history of making poor life choices. Hopefully, she has learned from them and changed her behavior.

    What do music therapist do exactly while in session?
    I work with chronic bipolar, major depression, and schizphrenia clients. Im looking for an informal lesson plan. I need details on hhow to do this to at least keep them intertained.

    • ANSWER:
      A typical session group or individual may be structured like this:

      Opening or greeting song signals that the session is starting
      Sing along song involves the client in the music-making process and promotes relaxation and breathing
      Dance or movement activity initiates the client physically with the session
      Sing along song keeps the client focused while relaxing from the physical task
      Percussion improvisation establishes a basic, rhythmic musical activity
      Sing along song with hand motions combines musical focus, rhythm, and motion
      Musical improvisation piece with client-friendly instruments encourages the client to experiment and to explore their creative selves
      CD listening task, such as "Name that tune" or "Name that artist" challenge a client's memory, and cognitive and processing abilities
      Sing along song relaxes the client while maintaining focus
      Closing or good-bye song signals the end of the session
      Based on the age and needs of the client, a session runs a minimum of 30 minutes (children and young adults) to a maximum of 60 minutes (adults and seniors). The length of a session depends on the attention span and focus of the client. The frequency of the sessions (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) is determined during the initial assessment, which generally runs longer than a typical music therapy session.

      The length of a group session would depend on the number of participants. Groups can range in size from as small as 5 clients to as large as 40 people.

      Sessions are adaptable to the involvement and interest level of a client. For example, if a client really enjoys or responds to a particular segment, the therapist may continue that activity. Music therapists are trained to be sensitive to clients' needs and responses, and adjust sessions accordingly.

      Clients are encouraged to become involved in the music making process during a therapy session. The therapist strives to create an atmosphere and environment that encourages clients to actively participate. Music listening and sing along song activities are integral forms of musical involvement and part of a typical session.

      The main instruments used by the music therapist to lead a typical session are piano (keyboards) or guitar. Electric keyboards and guitars have become more portable and are the preferred choices. Advances in computers and technology have afforded many client-friendly instruments, such as the Suzuki QChord. A wide variety of drums and percussion instruments are also effective in promoting client involvement.

      Music therapy is the prescribed use of music and musical interventions in order to restore, maintain, and improve emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual health and well-being. Within this definition are the key elements which define interventions as music therapy.

      Music therapy is prescribed by members of the client's treatment team. Members can include doctors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, case workers, or parents.
      Music is the primary therapeutic tool. Using music to establish a trusting relationship, the music therapist then works to improve the client's physical and mental functioning through carefully structured activities. Examples can include singing, listening, playing instruments, composition, moving to music, and music and imagery exercises.
      Music is administered by a trained music therapist. A music therapist's education and training is extensive. Musical interventions are developed and used by the therapist based on his/her knowledge of the music's affect on behavior, the client's strengths and weaknesses, and the therapeutic goals.
      Music therapy is received by a client and it targets a wide range of clinical populations and client ages.
      Music therapy works towards specific therapeutic goals and objectives. Goal area include communicative, academic, motor, emotional, and social skills. It is important to be aware that while clients may develop their musical skills during treatment, these skills are not the primary concern of the therapist. Rather it is the affect such musical development might have on the client's physical, psychological and socio-economical functioning.

    I am doing debating and would be grateful for some ideas to help?
    The scenario is:
    The media coverage of events such as Michael Jackson's death and the emerging swine flu pandemic has been both excessive and inappropriate and is a poor reflection of the intended audience

    I am in favour of the motion. Does anybody have any ideas of issues that I could raise in my speech. Or alternatively you could provide useful links to news websites that you know that may cover what I am looking for. Thanks again, Matt :)

    • ANSWER:
      Despite what seems to be common sense that females would be more susceptible to Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) than males, the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed.) (text revision) (DSM-TR-IV) (2000) indicated that BDD "may be equally common in women and men in outpatient mental health settings" (p. 509).
      The diagnostic criteria for body dysmorphic disorder, according the DSM-IV-TR, are:
      A. A preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance. If a slight physical abnormality is present, the person s concern is markedly excessive.
      B. The preoccupation causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
      C. The preoccupation is not better accounted for by another mental disorder (e.g., dissatisfaction with body shape and size in Anorexia Nervosa). (2000, p. 510)
      Michael Jackson appears to have unrealistic obsessions concerning his skin color, face, and nose. While the evidence of "clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning" (DSM-IV-TR, 2000, p. 510) is not unequivocally present, there does seem to be adequate evidence that the issue is arguable. Those with BDD frequently resort to cosmetic surgery, as is in evidence in Jackson's case (photographs: c. 1968 and 2002):

      Perhaps if Jackson was engaged in some occupation other than entertainment his appearance would cause significant impairment. Jackson's wealth allows him to maintain a reclusive lifestyle that may be problematic for someone who needed to go to a worksite on a regular basis.
      BDD adds another dimension to the potential for pedophilia in the case of Michael Jackson, with regard to this condition adding another element to the possible categorization of Jackson. The Regressed Child Molester is described as one who has faced a challenge to their self-image, resulting in poor self-esteem (Holmes & Holmes, 2002).
      The relevant diagnostic criteria for pedophilia according the DSM-IV-TR are:
      A.Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age 13 years or younger).
      B.The person has acted on these sexual urges, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.
      C.The person is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older that the child or children in Criterion B. (2000, p. 572)
      This definition does not include a requirement that sex with a child actually occurred, merely that the sexual urges exist for at least six months and they cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty (p. 572). Presumably, being arrested and tried for child molestation should be considered significant in that regard. There is a significant amount of public information indicating pedophilic interest on the part of Jackson. In 2003, Jackson admitted to sharing his bed with children on numerous occasions during an interview conducted by the BBC in 2003 (BBC News, 2003), in addition:
      In a significant legal setback for Michael Jackson, a judge ruled today that Santa Barbara prosecutors can present jurors with evidence that the performer previously molested five young boys. (The Smoking Gun, n.d.a, The Jackson Five, para. 1)
      Being found "not guilty" is not necessarily the same as being determined to be innocent. This verdict only indicates that the prosecutor did not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. A psychologist that interviewed both alleged victims in the 2003 case indicated that both boys reluctantly stated that they had been molested by Jackson. The same psychologist reportedly stated to an investigating officer (off the record) that Jackson was not a pedophile, but rather a regressed 10-year-old (The Smoking Gun, n.d.b). Legally and diagnostically, I believe the statement that Jackson was not a pedophile are misleading and unethical. The term "regressed" may be descriptive; however, it has no legal significance, and does not appear in the DSM-IV-TR (2000).
      While there is insufficient confidence in public source information to actually make a diagnosis of either of these mental disorders, there is a prima fasciae case that can be made for both disorders, based on what appear to be incontrovertible facts. Jackson's public persona has suffered considerably due to multiple accusations of child molestation, and for some, his cosmetic surgeries are also disconcerting. However, despite the sale of Jackson's Neverland property in California, his jeweled glove, and his stretch Rolls Royce limousine, he has scheduled a come-back tour starting in July 2009 in England (, 2009).

      American Psychiatric Association. (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed.) (text revision). Washington, D.C.: Author.
      BBC. (2009). Michael Jackson photographs.

    Help on introduction for a paper on ADHD?
    I have a serious case of writers block going on... I need help finishing my intro on ADHD all I have is this so far... I dont want to go into defining ADHD because I'm going into that on the body paragraphs... Any suggestions???

    Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also known as ADHD is a developmental disorder. That is usually diagnosed at a young age typically between 3-5 years of age.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you ever had trouble concentrating, found it hard to sit still, interrupted others during a conversation or acted impulsively without thinking things through? Can you recall times when you daydreamed or had difficulty focusing on the task at hand?

      Most of us can picture acting this way from time to time. But for some people, these and other exasperating behaviors are uncontrollable, persistently plaguing their day-to-day existence and interfering with their ability to form lasting friendships or succeed in school, at home and with a career.

      Unlike a broken bone or cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, also know as just plain attention deficit disorder or ADD) does not show physical signs that can be detected by a blood or other lab test. The typical ADHD symptoms often overlap with those of other physical and psychological disorders.

      The causes remain unknown, but ADHD can be diagnosed and effectively treated. Many resources are available to support families in managing ADHD behaviors when they occur.

      ADHD, also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD) or hyperkinetic disorder, has been around a lot longer than most people realize. In fact, a condition that appears to be similar to ADHD was described by Hippocrates, who lived from 460 to 370 BC. The name Attention Deficit Disorder was first introduced in 1980 in DSM-III, the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , used in psychiatry. In 1994 the definition was altered to include three groups within ADHD: the predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type; the predominantly inattentive type; and the combined type. ADHD usually appears in childhood but can be diagnosed in adults.

      Recent steps forward in our understanding of ADHD include:

      An estimated 3 to 5 per cent of children are affected - approximately 2 million children in the US. In a classroom of 25 to 30 children, it is likely that at least one will have ADHD.
      ADHD is among the most common mental disorders among children. It is one of the top reasons for referral to a pediatrician, family physician, pediatric neurologist, child psychiatrist or psychologist. ADHD is best diagnosed by a child psychologist or other child specialist in ADHD.
      ADHD is about three times more common among boys than girls.
      The symptoms of ADHD do not always go away - up to 60 per cent of child patients retain their symptoms into adulthood. Many adults with ADHD have never been diagnosed, so may not be aware they have the disorder. They may have been wrongly diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or a learning disability.
      ADHD has been identified in every nation and culture that has been studied.
      ADHD is difficult for everyone involved to deal with. As well as the difficulty of living with the symptoms, wider society may face challenges. Some experts have linked ADHD with an increased risk of accidents, drug abuse, failure at school, antisocial behavior and criminal activity. But others view ADHD in a positive light, arguing that it is simply a different method of learning involving greater risk-taking and creativity.

      ADHD is often accompanied by:

      learning disabilities
      speech or hearing problems
      obsessive-compulsive disorder
      behavioral problems such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) or conduct disorder (CD)
      Exactly what causes ADHD has not been pinpointed, though many practitioners believe neurobiological or genetic elements play a role. In addition, numerous social factors such as family conflict or poor child-rearing practices, while not causing the condition, may complicate the course of ADHD and its treatment.

    whats the difference between slyvan and dove low selfestem for girls camp is it a school or camp etc?

    • ANSWER:
      NOTE: These articles can show you some of the differences between these two progams.

      1) How Sylvan Works (tutoring, tuition)

      Your child's custom learning experience.

      There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Sylvan. Successful learning requires a focus on the individual, to unlock each child's potential.

      At Sylvan, your child's program is custom-tailored to meet his or her academic goals and needs.

      Here's how it works:

      Our assessment provides valuable insight into your child's academic needs
      Then, we create a custom learning plan to address those specific needs
      Dedicated teachers keep your child engaged and motivated to learn
      Ongoing evaluations and program updates ensure learning is kept challenging yet never frustrating

      2) Dove Camp For Self-Esteem2 (Free, sponsored by Dove , provides After School or Evening Camp In, Sleepover Camp In

      Press release from Denver, 2008

      **National Expert Talks to Community About Beauty, Body Image and Healthy Self-Esteem**

      WHAT: Self-esteem has become a national crisis in this country. The majority of girls (seven in ten) feel they do not measure up in some way including their looks, performance in school and relationships. Most disturbing is that girls with low self-esteem are engaging in harmful and destructive behavior that can leave a lasting imprint on their lives. Together with the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Dove Self-Esteem Fund is hosting two local events to address these issues, each led by best-selling author and self-esteem expert Courtney Martin.

      Dove Self-Esteem Workshop for girls designed to empower girls and promote new ways of thinking about beauty, body image and self-esteem with positive self-esteem building discussions and activities (Open for public registration on

      Dove Train the Trainer Workshop organized for community leaders and other adults who work with girls to provide them with the skills and information they need to host self-esteem building workshops for girls (Not open to the public)

      WHY: Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on the State of Self-Esteem, commissioned by the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, reveals:

      Seven in 10 girls (75%) in Denver believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members
      In Denver, the majority of teen girls (69%) reported engaging in negative activities, such as disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking, when feeling badly about themselves

      In response to the self-esteem crisis, Dove is launching its largest effort yet to bring self-esteem programming to girls across the country and to encourage everyone to make a difference in a girl s life.

      BACKGROUND: The Dove Self-Esteem Fund is part of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and was established as an agent of change to inspire and educate girls and young women about a wider definition of beauty, with a goal of reaching 5 million girls globally by 2010 with self-esteem programming. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund supports the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA to help build confidence in girls 8-17 with after-school programs, self-esteem building events and educational resources.

      WHERE: Dove Self-Esteem Workshop for girls
      Boys & Girls Club J. Churchill Owen Branch
      3480 West Kentucky Avenue
      Denver, CO 80219

      WHEN: November 12, 2008
      5:00 6:30 PM

      HOW TO The Dove Self-Esteem Workshop for girls is free and open to girls 13-15

      REGISTER: Visit to sign up. Availability is limited.

    Help with these psychology questions?
    I have a take home exam for my General Psychology class. It's over 200 questions and these are the questions that I'm having trouble finding the answers to. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it! I've also been able to narrow down some of the multiple choice questions..

    A behavioral neuroscientist would be most likely to ask which of these questions:
    A) how does the learning style affect the language development in young children?
    B) can the cause of behavioral disorders be linked to medical factors?

    Which of the following characterizes the distinction psychologists now make between sensation and perception:
    A) sensation involves neural events below the brain stem; perception, events above the brain stem
    B) sensation involves neural events in sensory receptors only; perception involves all other neural events
    C) sensation involves lower-order processes; perception involves higher-order processes
    D) traditional distinctions are not useful, because sensation and perception are both part of single information-processing system

    Suppose that a visual illusion resulted entirely from fundamental biological factors. If this were true, then it would be expected that the:
    A) brain will have direct awareness of the external world
    B) illusion would be absent; that people would see things as they really are
    C) illusion would be universal to all humans and found in all culture
    D) illusion's strength will vary with the viewer's education level and personal experiences

    A standardized test is one that:
    A) is free of schema that participants may use during the test
    B) measures intelligence in specific cultural groups
    C) is based on a theory that has been rigorously tested
    D) has norms that allow test-takers to be compared

    The definition of mental retardation is imprecise because:
    A) measuring intelligence reliably is difficult
    B) mesuring adaptive behavior is challenging
    C) the term retarded has fallen out of use now
    D) the term is unhelpful because the diagnosis is rare

    Which of the following statements regarding intellectually gifted people cannot be supported by Lewis Termans and his colleague's research. Intellectually gifted people:
    A) tend to be shy and withdrawn
    B) weigh more than average
    C) earn more that average people
    D) report above-average life satisfaction

    • ANSWER:
      i rarely help anyone with their homework, mostly because they never admit their questions really are homework, but your honesty spurred me to answer---but keep in mind i may be wrong. That said, first question is (B). Two is (C). Three is (D) Four is (D) Five is (B) Last question is (C) but i'm not familiar with lewis termans' work, so is just a guess.

      actually they are all guesses, so i'd advise looking at others who may answer and comparing my answers with theirs--and yours. Hope i helped a little and good luck! Oh, and do you have a boyfriend? If not, and there is a kinda cute guy in your class that you'd like to get to know better but feel awkward approaching him, asking what he thinks the answers are would be an easy ice-breaker without the fear of being rejected. Who knows what might come about! (just a thought).

    Why did God send bears to kill children or teenagers?
    "God Almighty, by the very definition, is sovereign. An Almighty God can do whatever He wants. God Almighty answers to no one and does not have to give an account of His actions to anyone".

    God is almighty, all knowing, all powerful, just, and loving. These 42 bullies, if they were this bad as children, can you imagine what the world would have been like if God had permitted them to grow up? God decides when we will all die and how we will die.

    1. The 42 kids who were mauled by the bears may not have been little children. They were most likely teenagers. The Hebrew word used is the same word that's used for teenagers.
    2. How could two bears manage to maul 42 people, unless those people were very evil?
    3. The kids(teenagers), regardless of their age, were threatening Elisha, by telling him to "go on up." They were telling him to go do what Elijah had just done,we don't know how many people got affected like Elisha

    It's not as cut and dry as some might like to make it. It was no worse, really, than a SWAT team firing rubber bullets into an unruly crowd. If what happened to Elisha happened now, the crowd would have gotten sprayed with rubber bullets, regardless of their age.

    we cant blame God because before Elisha we dont know how many people are decide to suicide them selves or killed them selves for because of these 42 youths behavior these youths are always making fun with ugly people so God punished these youths for not only for Elisha but we can say this is a punishment for their past behaviors.

    Everything happens for a reason; we know God has a purpose or reasons we can't know every thing but God knows every think so we can't blame God without knowing the real reason.

    The first and most important thing is this. No matter what, God loves UGLY PEOPLE

    2 Kings 2:23

    One thing we might gain from this account, is that you do not treat ugly people badly. to treat one badly is quite a slam against God who treat every body equally.

    people simply don't understand. Not saying this in a rude way but I mean people just don't . People resort to suicide because it is the only way they feel that would relieve them of pain
    (making fun of a their ugly look). It is a permanent decision and they will remain dead eternally, but I am sure they have deep grief because of this fun making.

    The only time when a person decides to commit suicide is when they lose all their hopes because beautiful people are thinking its just a fun to make comments about ugly people feelings but they are killing their feelings and make ugly people suicide them selves.

    There are no ugly people because there are no ugly people. God made man in his own image so we all look good to him. In fact, we all look beautiful to him.

    God then as now - really does not permit at all irreverent behavior. All people had to be given notice that God does not permit such disrespect to be shown his people

    I am surprised at how many 'insane' people exist in this regard! They challenge ugly people and hurt their feelings so God gets angry .

    He has made some rules and if we break them we die, are killed. Simple isn't it!
    Learn the rules, avoid breaking them, and continue living! Break them and die, in pain, quickly or slowly but most assuredly die without any recourse.
    What crimes deserve death penalty?

    Cop killers, child killers, rape, murder, child molestation ,serial killers and AND HURTING UGLY PEOPLE FEELINGS

    "God didn't do anything in the first place, you know. So just STOP blaming or accrediting him"

    humans feel that killing is wrong so why is it right when a God does it?

    "God(Omniscient) knows all of men's hearts and the future"

    we cant't blame God Because God is Almighty and Omniscient ,Everything happens for a reason; we know God has a purpose or reasons we can't know every thing but God knows every think so we can't blame God

    "Matthew 12:36
    But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.

    God dealt with people according to their understanding.beautiful people are thinking its just a fun to make comments about ugly people feelings but they are killing their appearance and make ugly people suicide them selves.

    you MEAN

    "God is ALL powerful, who do you think you are to question Him?

    I honestly think so... If we cannot question God, who has all the answers, whom can we question? Only God is wise enough, kind enough, and big enough to handle everything - even our questioning heart. So, go ahead, we can question to our living God. He listens, He cares and He answers.

    Questioning God will not make rebels of us.GOD IS OMNISCIENT AND GOD BLESS
    SOME say that it is wrong to question God. They may feel that it is disrespectful to ask why God does or does not allow certain things to happen. Is that your view?

    If so, you may be surprised to learn that many good people have questioned God. Note the following examples of questions they have asked him:

    The faithful man Job: Why is it that the wicked themselves keep living, have grown old, also have become superior in wealth? Job 21:7.
    SOME say that it is wrong to question God. They may feel that it is disrespectful to ask why God does or does not allow certain things to happen. Is that your view?

    If so, you may be surprised to learn that many good people have questioned God. Note the following examples of questions they have asked him:

    The faithful man Job: Why is it that the wicked themselves keep living, have grown old, also have become superior in wealth? Job 21:7.

    "The appalling judgment was God s warning to all who would scorn the prophets of the Lord."

    I Agree

    The appalling judgment was God s warning to all who would scorn the ugly people feelings in this earth.


    I had to speak in front of the whole class today. I heard this boy said "dang she's ugly" he was talking about me. Kids at school are always telling me I'm ugly. It's really starting to bring me down. I asked my BFF if I'm ugly and she said no. I asked my mom if I was ugly and she said no. None of the boys like me.I'm a nice person I treat everyone with respect. Why do they put me down? I think I am ugly and my friends and mom are lieing to me. I think they just tell me I'm pretty because they love me.

    "Moonflower - You have a very bad misunderstanding of this passage in the bible. It has nothing to do with ugly people. Bella is obviously one of God's people as she has given you the correct answer."

    I agree bella is correct but In this particular case (my personal understanding) - what happens to a society when its young ones have no respect whatsoever for those who represent its rules and ethics? Forty-two is a pretty large number, implying a considerable negative influence (and apparently, gross failure on part of the parents).What will become of that town when they're grown up, and have children themselves?

    If a society completely gives up on morality, they lose their purpose of existence;It means this particular incident has some hidden meaning (2 Kings 2:23-24.)




    All of Jesus words were symbolic.

    There was nothing to
    There was nothing to be taken literally.

    Matthew 13: 34. All these things spoke Jesus to the multitude in parables; and he did not speak without a parable.

    He said that he would make things clear to his disciples and we will explain that one later.

    But here we see as far as the text is concerned, it is symbolic.

    2 Corinthians 3:6 Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament, not of the letter but of the spirit for the letter kills but the spirit gives life.

    Hardly a comment has to be made.

    Here you are being told as clearly as possible that you should not take the scripture literally.

    In other words what you read as events never happened.

    Yet in understanding the hidden secrets you will find that they happen daily within you.


    • ANSWER:
      There are a few key issues we must understand in regards to this account of the youths cursing Elisha. The text reads, From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some youths came out of the town and jeered at him. Go on up, you baldhead! they said. Go on up, you baldhead! He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths. It seems unbelievable that God would cause two bears to maul a group of children for making fun of a man for being bald.

      First, the King James Version has done us a disservice by translated the term as children. The Hebrew word can refer to children, but rather more specifically means "young men." The NIV, quoted here, uses the word youths. Second, the fact that the bears mauled 42 of the youths indicates that there were more than 42 youths involved. This was not a small group of children making fun of a bald man. Rather, it was a large demonstration of young men who assembled for the purpose of mocking a prophet of God. Third, the mocking of go on up, you baldhead, is more than making fun of baldness. The baldness of Elisha referred to here may be: 1) natural loss of hair; 2) a shaved head denoting his separation to the prophetic office; or more likely, 3) an epithet of scorn and contempt, Elisha not being literally bald. The phrase go up likely was a reference to Elijah, Elisha s mentor, being taken up to Heaven earlier in 2 Kings chapter 2:11-12. These youths were sarcastically taunting and insulting the Lord s prophet by telling him to repeat Elijah s translation.

      In summary, 2 Kings 2:23-24 is not an account of God mauling young children for making fun of a bald man. Rather, it is a record of an insulting demonstration against God s prophet by a large group of young men. Because these young people of about 20 years of age or older (the same term is used of Solomon in 1 Kings 3:7) so despised the prophet of the Lord, Elisha called upon the Lord to deal with the rebels as He saw fit. The Lord s punishment was the mauling of 42 of them by two female bears. The penalty was clearly justified, for to ridicule Elisha was to ridicule the Lord Himself. The seriousness of the crime was indicated by the seriousness of the punishment. The appalling judgment was God s warning to all who would scorn the prophets of the Lord.

    Can anyone explain this psychological study? (A-level work)?
    Okayyy! all I got is, Patterson et. al, 1989, it is studying the effect of family on aggression? i've looked on the internet and found nothing, so thought i'd go for the long shot and try here? thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I couldn't find anything either. Only Patterson 1989 I found was to with physical health. I could of just missed it though. Alternatively, this journal article might be useful, it has an incredibly long abstract, but it covers family aggression and development:

      Title: Family violence in a community sample: Incidence and effects on child development.


      This research draws upon the first four waves of data from the Fragile Families Child Wellbeing study, which follows through surveys a national representative sample of families with a newborn child and unmarried parent living in larger US urban areas. The study first describes the incidence of family violence phenomena - specifically, maternal aggression and neglect toward the child, paternal/partner aggression and neglect toward the child, and male on female intimate partner violence (IPV) - to which the child is exposed in the first five years of life. Then it models using multiple regression the effects of this exposure on child developmental outcomes, i.e. cognitive ability and behaviors, which represent proxies for school readiness Both the type of family violence and conveyor of the violence are isolated through the modeling approach. This study applies a more inclusive definition of family violence - based on the Conflict Tactic Scales - in considering the incidence and effects of this exposure on very young children. In doing so, the study contributes to our understanding of the true incidence of these phenomena in our families and tests for consistencies of negative associations seen in clinical samples against the experience of this broader community sample. The analysis of family violence incidence showed considerable co-occurrence of maternal physical aggression and psychological aggression with each other and with other caregiver physical and psychological aggression. In addition, there was a greater likelihood of neglectful behavior reported toward the child when there was some indication of male on female IPV. The child development outcomes models indicated many findings of interest. Physical aggression evidences a marginal negative association with cognitive ability, while psychological aggression has a significant association with positive cognitive ability. Both types of aggression and neglect are generally associated negatively and significantly - i.e. higher levels of aggression or neglect are associated with higher levels of concerning behaviors - across the eight behavioral variables modeled with some distinction depending on the type of behavior, e.g. externalizing versus internalizing. IPV exposure evidences a marginal association with lower cognitive ability and a significant association with increased Social Problems behavior. Finally, the presence of father or other caregiver in the home emerges as an important factor in these relationships. The mother's parenting style (i.e. level of aggression) often seems to follow from that of the father/other caregiver and the effects of the father's parenting generally weakens that of the mother in the outcome models. The findings speak to the concern of our very young children growing up in aggressive, violent, and stressful environments, the challenges they face developmentally, and the implications for later achievement. In addition, the findings speak to the importance of the presence of fathers, their qualitative impact on the parenting approach, and the opportunities to target parenting interventions at fathers in general and batterers more specifically. These results suggest a greater attention to early intervention, screening and remediation - involving both child and parents - at the point a child enters into some formal educational setting.

      Email me if you want further info.

    Does Predatory aggression explain Pit Bulls and other dogs that attack children and small dogs?
    Another diatribe to challenge the notion that for some dogs, ``how you raise them`` does NOT matter.

    Below is an interesting website that tables `types of dog aggression`` into some short descriptions.

    While its too large a topic to cover EVERY point, what was interesting to me was the definition of Predatory aggression and `Baby` aggression.

    QUESTION: Does predatory aggression explain the genetic disposition of dogs that attack babies and small children and other dogs (I mention Pit Bulls because this comes up often here but there was a husky that recently grabbed an infant in Alberta Canada by the head and killed it - I link the article below)

    Is this the ``cadbury secret`` as to WHY for some dogs, how you raise them does NOT MATTER. BECAUSE STEALTH PREDATION IS A GENETIC TRAIT.

    Opinions welcome.

    Below are definitions:

    Predatory Aggression related to small animals include two types: Dogs that stalk, stare at or silently pursue small animals, (including dogs), and sometimes infants, and those who chase moving objects such as bicycles, etc., although some dogs exhibiting this behavior may be exhibiting territorial behavior. For example, dogs that bark and discontinuing the chase once out of the dog s territory is not characteristic of predatory behavior.

    Stealth is an element of hunting behavior and is considered more dangerous since the intent is to kill. This problem can not be treated easily.

    Dominant, fearful and predatory dogs may all present a threat to babies and young children if they are not properly controlled. Dominant dogs often do not pose a threat until children reach toddling age.

    Fearful dogs are most likely to be aggressive if they cannot escape the unwanted attentions of unfamiliar or seemingly obnoxious children.

    Predatory dogs may pose a threat to newborn infants, but when the child can sit up, the infants often no longer elicit predatory responses from the dog.

    Here is the article on the husky that killed the infant
    Link for k9 aggression here:

    Link for husky article here:;_ylt=AsOzC_q2JXMzeTi7X1dLja_BFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120223152222AAVcmnf
    @Janian: The website makes this statement about genetic illnesses: As of yet, we have virtually no data on whether dogs can be born with conditions similar to Aspergers or Autism in humans that may cause problems in social settings.

    In other words, yes, I think its entirely possible that dogs can suffer from aberrant behaviour which is systemically defined as a ``disorder`` or ``syndrome``.

    According to this link - dogs, mice and humans share DNA. And we know dogs can suffer many illnesses that humans get - same as mice. I have no knowledge per se, but feel it seems reasonable to consider .
    @Greek: Thanks for a respectful reply. Did you know that they have established without a doubt there are ``Predatory Black bears`` that prey on humans. This has been of great study and interest here in Ontario because we have large populations of blacks and 99% of them are timid and fearful of humans and pose no harm. But there is established scientific evidence and actual case history to show not all bears are the same and predation in bears appears exactly as per the above description. The bear stalks, is silent and attacks to kill. They are NOT habituated bears and you do not have to provoke them. They hunt YOU. Just saying.
    Last add: From the national geographic link (quote) :

    Dogs suffer from more than 350 genetic disorders, many of which resemble human conditions. The most common diseases among purebred dogs include cancer, epilepsy, heart disease, allergies, retinal disease, and cataracts. "[This research] increases the possibility of using dogs as a model for human disease," Ellegren said.

    The study could also help researchers identify genes that govern behavioral traits, such as aggressiveness or kindness.


    So it seems reasonable that dogs have just as many behavioral abnormalities as people :-)
    GreeK; Actually I know 2 bear experts so I have done research on this and since I canoe, I care. So no they are not injured, don`t have babies, and have no reasons for arm.. They are most often young male bears which hunt you alone. The bear and dog are related genetically -although distant.

    And yes, I have watched that movie 100 times. Fascinating. Not completely accurate - the lions were actually without manes.

    BTW, I have been in the company of a predatory dog - in my humble experience, they exist. The dog was outwardly very social and trustworthy with people and other large dogs. But it stalked small dogs and cats - to kill. No knowledge if that dog would have hurt babies.
    Kayleigh: You are not reading the fine print. I am not saying your dog is predatory or for that matter anyone else`s staffie, or husky, or pitbull. NOT ALL AGGRESSIVE dogs are the same. That is the point this website makes, whether people believe it or not is what is being discussed. Please review website before jumping to conclusions. Cheers :-)
    Last add: IN spite of 2 posters assertions, this is NOT a troll post. I OWN aggressive dogs. I make no secret of that. I dont fear them killing me or anyone else. What I am hoping we can discuss is if aggression is the same for all dogs - or if certain dogs are predisposed to act aggressively for genetic reasons. Since I have been in the presence of what I believe was a predatory dog, I personally find this interesting.
    Kayleigh - sorry, maybe I am misreading your post. Maybe I should have more coffee (I`m tired today). Thanks for your respectful reply and yes, I`m sure your dog is well tempered with children.
    Kayleigh: Sorry read your post again - my bad for jumping to conclusions. BTW, the definition of `predatory` excludes toddler stage. When child is infant (and cannot sit up or walk) is when these types of dogs react. (according to website)
    @Love: actually the dog that I trained with that was predatory was a GSD. It would go low on hits haunches, slow, and move stealthily (like a cat after a bird). Except it would do this to other small dogs and cats. I don`t know much about Pits- but my exposure to the ones I have seen is they are quiet - but I could be wrong. I am not suggesting people not own these dogs btw - I do however think if you have a dog that exhibits predatory behaviour - you might rethink trying to `socialize` it with small dogs. Because in the GSD`s case - there was NO behaviour modification beyond a prong collar. Off lead the dog would kill them if left unattended. It challenges the idea that ALL dogs ARE FRIENDS!
    @Love: Interesting. The predatory GSD was not human aggressive (unprovoked) and was very stable under stress . Wondering if the GSD you refer to is more herding people (nipping from rear). Although I suppose a dog could be both herding and predatory. Thx - its interesting to hear other experiences.

    • ANSWER:
      I didn't read your links, sorry. I worked a ten hour overnight shift and then had a 3 hour working interview this morning. I'm too exhausted to do much lol.

      Simply from your description and quoted though, that is NOT the type of aggression I would label in bully breeds. That is more descriptive of any number of hunting dogs or hounds displaying animal aggression.

      Most bully breeds were bred for dog aggression. It's not a "predatory" aggression, stalk and hunt etc... it's a fullout fight aggression.

      I also strongly believe this differs from human aggressions. I think pit bull accounts on the media are strongly biased, and mislabeled. I've seen numerous "pit bulls" that are NOT bit bulls. Maybe if you close one eye, poke yourself in the other eye, and already know before hand the dog has short hair you MIGHT see pit bull in it.

      Pit bulls are banned in Denver because of 2 kills in a 20 year time period. In that same 20 years 2 people were killed by huskies. Why are they not banned as well?

      This question is not about that, though. That is off topic. Just know, from what I half-@$$ed read, I do not agree that "aggression" applies to pit bulls.

      I DO believe genetics can't be fixed though. I just had someone tell me Luther is obviously NOT well trained if he is still fearful (remember my EXTREMELY fear aggressive 16 week old puppy that was almost euthanized?). I see it as a MAJOR accomplishment that such an aggressive, fearful animal could be at the point he is now. If all he has for the rest of his life is some skittish tendancies and some fear, then that alone is almost a miracle. Because to expect all fear to be gone is just naive. It's genetic, not due to a lack of poor socilization or abuse.

      Unfortunately, most bully breeds are poorly bred due to punks and wannabes. Please note, I do NOT consider these dogs "pit bulls". I consider 30lb, lean, athletic game animals to be pit bulls, as those are the only true American Pit Bull Terriers. But, be that as it may, most american bullies, "pit bulls" to the general public, are a genetic NIGHTMARE. Do we expect issues with them? Yes, and issues should be expected.

      Also, I expect it ignorant and foolish to believe a dog that has displayed ANY Aggresion will not harm a child. And I'm talking human aggression, not exactly animal aggression, although an animal aggressive husky around a small child can OBVIOUSLY lead to problems. For that matter, trusting dogs and babies is just stupid in general, but especially dogs that have displayed aggression.

      I'm sorry, one fearful snap from Luther would cause a small child to lose their face. If a dog displays any aggression or questionable behavior, they are NOT trusted around children. End of discussion. If more parents and owners took responsibility for what they had, maybe there would be far fewer child deaths at the hands of aggressive dogs.

      Luther is NOT allowed near my 16 month old niece Do I trust him? Honestly, I would bet there is a good 75%+ chance that he wouldn't do anything to her, he's great with the rest of my family. But even an ounce of doubt, a knowledge of his past, an acceptance of size comparison, a realization of danger.... I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER risk. One chance, one bite, one deceased baby. Not worth it. He is locked outside or in the bedroom when she is over. End of discussion.

      I'll go take a nap now, come back later and actually read all of the question lol

      EDIT: Oh yes, I can see it being in any breed, I wasn't meaning it couldn't be, lol. It just seems like a display that would be more prone in hunting breeds or northern breeds known for animal aggression. I actually believe Launi has described her pit bull as being like that in that past. Very silent, slinking only, not giving the normal signals expected of aggression or oncoming attack.

      Interesting the dog you knew like that was a GSD, I have heard of another GSD that would act like that. The reason my sister's husband is TERRIFIED of the breed. His neighbor had one, the dog would literally slink up behind you like a cat, dead silent, and then nip you in the rear.

      The aggressive pits I've known have obviously either been extremely dog aggressive - and that has displayed in the expected vocalization, raised hackles, lunging, etc... or human aggressive when PUSHED. The majority of the aggressive pits I've worked with have infact been very loving and sweet acting, but then when pushed to do something they did not like or trust, they would turn to aggression as a defense. Largely vocalization and snapping, not so much hackles raised or lunging. This is an EXTREMELY dangerous in a large animal, and every single one of those dogs SHOULD of been euthanized.

    Christian women ~ Have you given any serious thought to the responsibilities God has given us in Titus 2:3-5?
    Titus 2:3-5 3 the older women likewise, that they 1) be reverent in behavior, 2) not slanderers, 3) not given to much wine, 4) teachers of good things 4 that they 5) admonish the young women 5a) to love their husbands, 5b) to love their children, 5 6) to be discreet, 7) chaste, 8) homemakers, 9) good, 10) obedient to their own husbands, THAT THE WORD OF GOD MAY NOT BE BLASPHEMED.

    Our Sunday school assignment was to write down each responsibility on a sheet of paper along with a definition from Webster's Dictionary. After that then write down how you think He wants you to accomplish each one.

    It was a very sobering assignment in view of not doing these we blaspheme God. If any of you would like to take the challenge, I would be happy to hear from you. God bless each one who does ... do it for His glory! Just email me I'm anxious to hear from you.
    @AB ~ I think you totally missed the point to this question. You my friend are a male it is specifically directed to Christian women.
    I must apologize to you both for not explaining what I wanted. What I was hoping for was some ladies to take the challenge and do the assignment on their own and get back to me via email with their results and how it affected them.

    What you could have answered in the body of this question is: What is your reaction to the statement that we blaspheme God when we don't follow His instructions for women in Titus 2:3-5? It was even capitalized for you.

    • ANSWER:
      For me, there other way to live. Anything else would, well, blaspheme really,
      run down the Lord. When I think what He did, He deserves at least this much given
      here by Paul.

      Anyone, for example who slanders has internal toxins they have not worked out.
      If I am even tempted to think it, it's time to walk myself through it, repent, be

      It's important also in #4 to know how to present things, and if young women
      want this help, that's great.

      Loving our spouses is #1 in this basically hostile world, (thinking about all those
      little kids killed, plus the principal(!)) and if we don't do that, where are we,
      what do we have? Yet isn't this the work we must make sure nothing interrupts?

      A tough assignment is learning #10! Coming out of the world, from a feminist background,
      from a completely 'quasi-Christian' or even less than that...background, yes, this area
      will take time, and I'm glad I have such an understanding spouse!!

      We've all had different backgrounds, thus different challenges, but really, how
      can we be obedient to Christ, if we can't do this with the man God selected
      for us? A sobering thought.

    Would I get a job in Australia/New Zealand?
    I am 40, female with a degree in applied Social Studies {social care} I currently work on a social work team in child protection in Ireland. I have 10 years experience with kids in care with challenging behaviour & 10 years prior to that with children in a school setting & in private care settings. If I were to go to Australia on a working holiday trip would I find employment in my field or have to work in bars etc as the younger back packers do? I would prefer to do 3 month stints in social care then move on or travel from where I am based on and off. Any advice?
    Having looked at the skilled professionals lists, would i be considered a "social professional nec"?
    Thanks Arohk72 I'm aware about the holiday visa thing, I meant holiday/working trip. I'm not a qualifies social Worker, my Qualification is a BA in Applied Social Studies so social work is out for me, I'm looking for jobs within that field that accept my qauls. Will look up your site though thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The only way anyone with your qualifications and background who isn't eligible for a Working Holiday visa can come to Australia and work (other than as an immigrant) is to qualify for a subclass 457 temporary employer sponsored visa as a Welfare Worker 272613, Community Worker 411711, Disabilities Services Officer 411712, Family Support Worker 411713, Parole or Probation Officer 411714, Residential Care Officer 411715 or Youth Worker 411716.
      A 457 involves finding an employer who is willing to jump through the considerable financial and administrative hoops required to sponsor someone from overseas and to be realistic, the type of funds strapped organisation that employs people in those occupations is most unlikely to be prepared to do that. Subclass 457 visa information.

      If you can't get a 457 visa, you are not allowed to work in Australia in any capacity. As you know WHVs are only for young people up to 31 but I'm afraid there is nothing even remotely similar for older people. The only way you could come here would be on a tourist visa and no work of any kind is allowed on those.

      If you wanted to move here permanently, an outside chance would be as one of the occupations I've listed above as they are listed as eligible for state sponsored visas. It would also need to be included on the occupation list for an individual state and state sponsorship would be required, but if it's on a state list, you would have a good chance of getting state sponsorship. By definition, if an occupation appears on a state list, there is a demand for workers in that state in that occupation.

      FYI, Social Professionals (nec) covers occupations like Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Criminologist, Ethnographer, Geographer, Heritage Consultant, Linguist, Parole Board Member, Political Scientist, Prehistorian, Sociologist and Transport Analyst

    Bullying at school. Principal's response...?
    My son came up to me that he gets bullied at school. Three boys constantly tease him, call him names and make fun of him simply because he happens to be a smallest in a class. Well, he is a year younger than the rest of the children and so he hasn't gone through the growth spurt yet.

    I addressed these issues to the principal just to hear that apparently my son is a shortie and I should prepare him for such episodes to occur and he should report each case promptly... She practically made me feel that it's my and my son's fault that he gets teased because we haven't prepared him for it... She refused to see it as bullying so no action was taken...

    I am shocked!

    How do you feel about this situation and what do you think I should do?

    • ANSWER:
      I would be quite upset and I would arrange another meeting with her. I would be better prepared and I would handle her as though she herself were a bully.

      I would tell her that bullying is defined as repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another person physically or mentally. I would point out that these students targeting your child for his size clearly fall under the definition of bullying. I would remind her that children come in all shapes, sizes and colors and no child has the right to target another child, for any reason, much less because they are smaller and easier to pick on.

      I would continue by telling her that the last time we met she, the principal, suggested that your son, and yourself as his parent, were responsible for him being bullied because you did not prepare him for the challenges of being the smallest child in his class. I would continue by pointing out that she then suggested that he report each incident promptly, while demonstrating with her words and her actions that she has no intent of doing anything about it.

      I would then demand that action be taken whether it begin with detention and peer counseling or calling all students involved to the principal's office. I would motivate her to accomplish this by letting her know that the media would LOVE a story about a principal who not only favors bully's but also suggests that the victims deserve it. I would add that I wonder how many other parents would take offense to her suggestions and what the school board would think of how she failed to address the situation. After all, most experts would agree that the best way to stop bullying is to call it out for what it is and take steps to prevent future incidents.

      Lastly, I would clarify for her that, while she may be the principal of the school, she certainly is not the final authority.

    I need help with debating???
    I'm in yr 7 and doing debating. Can you please help me?
    The topic is "reality television has gone too far"
    Can you please give me the definition of "gone too far" and maybe some good points or rebuttal i could use.

    • ANSWER:
      in this case "gone to far" means we have seen that it has a lot of disadvantgaes and its disadvantages are more that its advantages

      some points to help u---

      According to Nielsen Media, a very trustworthy source, the average American watches 4hrs 32minutes a day, seven days a week.

      Parents scolding children for excessive and unsuitable TV.-viewing is a very common syndrome but children appeared most unhappy about this. " Our parents keep on saying , read, read, read all the time. They want us to do nothing but study. They don't let us watch TV . We do need some entertainment also. Without it studies become dull and uninteresting ," said one boy. " Whenever I watch some programme my mother tells me to go and study. She thinks, I am wasting my time . But while I'm reading she may call me to help her in her household work without bothering about my studies. When I am watching TV she will again tell me to study," pointed out a girl.

      Some Horrifying facts about media violence in children's lives:
      By the end of elementary school, the average child will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 other violent acts in the media.
      Children's cartoons and action programs average more than 20 acts of violence per hour, compared with 5 acts per hour during prime-time hours.
      The sale of Mighty Morphine Power Ranger products (based on the extremely violent TV show) surpassed billion in 1994.
      More than billion of products related to the Star Wars movie have been sold worldwide.
      In one survey, more than 90% of teachers thought the Power Rangers led to increased violence among the children they taught.

      You can develop TV rules for home. Please make sure that as a parent you follow them as well and be consistent. You can come up with some rules as for example, TV only on weekends, no TV before school, no TV after dinner, no violent shows, etc. This plan of action will be more effective if you develop these rules with your child because she/he will feel that her/his voice is heard. The more meaningful and understandable a rule is for a child, the more likely it will work.
      Keep television out of your child's bedroom. The best place is the family room. Watch television together as a family when you can. Talk about what your child sees on the television.
      Parents are role models for their children. So refrain from making television your prime source of recreation. This will encourage your child to look for other options rather than watch television for recreation. Inculcate healthy habits like enjoying outdoor activities or help she/he develop a hobby like stamp collection, painting, star gazing, learning to play a musical instrument, etc.

      Try not to buy products which may include clothes, backpacks, shoes, besides toys--that are directly linked to television shows or are advertised during programmes. Remember, choose toys that promote creativity.
      Help your child understand a true meaning of hero-that the real heroes are those who work hard and make a world a better place for example, parents, teachers, doctors, firefighters, etc. are real heroes.
      Interact with your child's teacher. Ask her as to what is her plan of action if some children in the class constantly talk about television programs and exhibit violent behavior as a result of watching such programs. Network with other parents as well as your child's teacher to reduce the negative aspects of the media culture in the wider society. Express your opinions and your concerns to the local TV stations.

      Effect of Television on Children

      Children are mainly exposed to television, television violence and television culture at home. Thus parents play a vital role in helping children to make sense of what they see on the television.

      These days television influences the lives of young children and it is only going to get worst with each passing year. It is very challenging for young children to make choices of what programs they should watch. Because of the lack of experience they need more help from adults. Weaning children away from television programmes is a challenge. Children's media are designed to get attention and keep it.

      hope that helps and can i have 10 points for my hard work in took me a lot of time to think

      thank you

      have a nice day

challenging behavior in young children definition

Help With Parenting Teenagers

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do teenagers have a better chance of conceiving than adults?
    I see all these pregnant teenagers around,
    and in my city there is a big school SPECIFICALLY to cater to the needs to pregnant/parenting teenagers.

    Can teenagers become pregnant easier than adults?
    Even with all the drugs and drinking and smoking they do?
    You would think a boy's sperm wouldn't be strong enough yet..

    I have teenage nieces and I worry.

    • ANSWER:
      I believe teenagers become pregnant easier. They're younger and remember, only a decade or so ago, women were having children at the age of 14.

      I've read that "at the age of 15, a women has a 40 to 50% chance of conceiving per cycle,
      at 25, she has a 30 to 35% chance,
      at 35, she has a 15 to 20% chance and
      at 45, she has a 3 to 5% chance."

      These statistics were taken assuming that the women ovulates regularly, intercourse is timed correctly and there are no medical or health problems.

    Can someone make me a poem (3-4stanza) about parenting teenagers?
    The poem can be short or long. It should be about parenting teenagers,
    Like 'give them limited freedom', take lightly on them etc.

    Its like giving advices to parents on how to parent a teenager.

    10points for the best answer ^_^

    • ANSWER:
      I didn't come up with this and its not really a poem but...
      Oh to be only half as wonderful as my child thought I was.
      And only half as stupid as my teenager thinks I am.

    For the parents of teenagers, do you think your daughter or son is a virgin or sexually active?
    For the parents of teenagers, do you think your daughter or son is a virgin or sexually active? Not a perverted question, so please no perverted answers.

    • ANSWER:
      i know she is not but she was willing to come to me for the first time when she needed birth control so that was great.. no babies... :)

    Parents and teenagers how much time do you spend together?
    How much time do parents and teenagers spend together?
    What do you do?
    Do you enjoy your time together?
    Is there anything special that you do together?

    • ANSWER:
      about 7 hours total on the weekend on average, more or less.
      pretty much no time on the weekdays.

      I enjoy it, I have no problem with my parents or family.

    What are the most commonly used cliches between parents and teenagers?
    I'm teaching English to foreign students. At the moment we're covering family life and I want to look at the most common cliches exchanged between Parents and teenagers. I'm thinking of things like: "Not under my roof!" "He's always pushing the boundaries..."She walks all over me" etc etc Any other good ones would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      If everybody else jumped off the bridge would you?
      I hope that you end up with a child just like you
      Put on a jumper it's cold
      Dont you dare talk to your Mother like that

    What are the frictions between parents and their teenagers?
    Why there are frictions between parents and teenagers?
    Can you help me to find out what these frictions are and why they're caused?

    • ANSWER:
      Brilliant question. So many reasons: 1) biology - teenager hormones have been scientifically proven to show that they are less likely to think of other people than kids who are 9 or 10 years old, so they are selfish and can't see things from other people (including their parents and teachers') point of view. 2) history - every generation has ideas about what is acceptable (so teens and parents argue about things because both sides think they're right). 3) legal - parents are responsible for their kids, even when they're teenagers, so when their kids 'fight the system', they are obliged to get their teenage kids under control. 4) sociology - parents are humans with flaws and no one gives them a manual to tell them how to deal with (what appears from their perspective to be) ungrateful, selfish, rude, disobedient teenagers. They're tired, over-worked and trying their best in most cases to provide for their teenagers and although they don't expect gratefulness, sometimes teenage behaviour can seem completely ungrateful. Basically, teenagers are fledgling adults, trying to push the boundaries and discover themselves. Adults struggle to recognise when this their teen is behaving normally and when the teenager is just 'taking the p*ss'. They have more experience and wisdom than teens, so they know what risks lie ahead for their kids. And sometimes it's just plain jealousy - the parents want to be teenagers again or never had the freedoms their teens have (i.e. they'd love to lie in, leave their room in a mess, hang out with their friends and get really drunk while someone else pays for it and cooks their dinner/pays the rent). The most rebellious teenagers are the ones who don't 'play up'. It's so predictable and common for their to be friction between generations (not just between teens and their parents, but between parents and grand parents) so if you want to be different, avoid that friction and the generation above you will cut you some slack.

    Why do parents encourage Teenagers to believe in Santa Claus?
    Why do parents encourage teenagers who now know that santa isn't real, to still belive in him despite the fact that they themselves know that santa isn't real?

    • ANSWER:
      From the moment I found out, my mother encouraged me to "play along" for the sake of Christmas spirit. She never forced me to believe in a falsehood, per say, but encouraged me to find the magic in it. She explained it in this way when I was younger, and it was nice to keep the spirit alive...she told me the story of the real St. Nicholas and how he would go around in his little town and fill the childrens' shoes with goodies every year in celebration of the occasion. When he passed away, the parents of the town carried on the tradition in honor of the kindness and good hearted spirit that he was. It's nice for a teenager to be able to grasp and hold onto a tradition based on unselfishness and goodness. That's how I always saw it anyhow.

    How far is internet responsible for a decrease in Teenage Health ?
    You could provide the answer in the perspective/or from the point of view of a parent, teenager, teacher etc.

    • ANSWER:
      yh ! the use of net is very harmful to a teenagers health ! :) ..............!!!!!!!!

    What is a suitable punishment for a teenager?
    Parents with teenagers - what punishments do you view as fit for teenagers? Mine is 16 and driving me crazy.

    • ANSWER:
      Teens need to be thinking through their actions and the consequences of those actions so they make better decisions in the future. One great way to promote this thinking is to have them write about the incident. Here's a description of how to do that:

      Another idea is to bring the teen more into the family, not less. If your teen has drained a lot of energy from you, ask him/her to make it up by cooking a meal for the family, cleaning up after dinner or some other task that involves helping out the family.

    Can I be a foster parent to teenagers?
    Could someone in their mid-late twenties become a foster parent to teenagers? I only ever see older couples/people fostering teenagers and was just wondering if that was a rule or something. I would like to be a younger foster parent and help teenagers cause it seems like people only want children and babies. Also since I'm a female does that mean I can only take in females?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you certtainly can if you pass all requirements ot foster.

    What is the number of Teen Parent Families in America?
    Teen parent families as in teenagers who are parents, not parents raising teenagers. Please help, i can not find statistics, answers with sources please!

    • ANSWER:
      Follow the link to births at this site and it breaks it down by age of the parent:

      I think the latest stats are 2006 - takes some time to compile.

      Hope that helps!

    For Parents of Teenagers - What's your views on sex and relationships?
    So this is really a question for parents of teenagers. What are your views on sex and relationships? Are you comfortable with your children dating, having their boyfriend/girlfriend stay over or staying over at theirs? Are you ok with them having sex?

    It interests me what your views as parents really are, seen as you were teenagers yourselves once. Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it's fine. There's nothing wrong with teenagers having sex as long as a) Their parents are OK with it b) They've been dating for long enough and c) They use good protection.

      Oh ya, and like another answer says, it better not affect their grades.

    What type of race in the UK gets the most benifits and why?
    No racist comments.
    It seems that generally it is white people who get the most benifits in terms of single parents teenagers and so on, but theres are just ask many or maybe more non white people living in the uk nowadays that get benifits left right and center.

    Not that it matters which race gets the most or least, but there must be a cultural reason behidn why they wont work, or why they choose to live of tax payers.

    • ANSWER:
      Exactly! White people are the vast majority, white people are on the whole richer - and of course if white people want any more benefits they can just say "well they're immigrants, they don't belong here" - completely forgetting the fact that everyone immigrated here at some point.

    Why do people say teenagers need parenting?
    I disagree because teenagers know as much as grown ups, which actually makes them grown ups too! So why people say teenagees need parenting? Even teenagers as OLD as 14??

    Im 14 and I KNOW i know everything!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, I love know it all teenagers. I was one, my son is one now.

      Let me ask this - since you know everything, why don't you get a job and move out on your own? Can't can ya?

    What are the pros and cons of being a foster parent, of a teenager?
    My mother wants to be a foster parent of teo teenagers. I'm sixteen, but I have a daughter and boyfriend and everything. The will just be taking care of these girls (who come from different homes and don't even know eachother). The both are 14 years old. I was just wondering what the pros and cons would be.

    • ANSWER:
      I'll help you out as much as I can from my understanding.

      *You will be helping 2 teenagers who need a loving home.
      *They will have an older "sister" (you) to look up to. You can get them to take care of your baby with you and show them how hard teenage pregnancy is.
      *They will feel loved and that they belong.
      *Both of them are the same age, so it's like they are twins.

      *You may not like having younger siblings taking attention away from you, even if you DO have a baby and a boyfriend.
      *More money on them, less money on you and your baby.
      *Since they are foster children, you learn to love them and they leave. It's a tough situation.

      I think overall that your mom should go for it!

help with parenting teenagers

Baby And Toddler Clothes

Frequently Asked Questions

    How often do you buy baby clothes?
    My daughters fast approaching 1 and just wanted to know how often you buy baby/toddler clothes?

    • ANSWER:
      I think I pick something up weekly but I tend to get bigger sizes so that her wardrobe is always ready for growth spurts

    Is there any way to get food grease stains out of clothes?
    My son has a really cute collection of clothes, and we all know that baby/toddler clothes aren't cheap. I take good care of them but whenever he stays with realtives they or goes to my step-moms for babysitting his clothes come back with grease stains (from food) on them. I don't even realize until after they've been washed and dried! This has happend to four shirts so far. Is there any way to get these stains out? I'm holding onto them just incase. Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Make a paste of Dawn dish soap and baking soda. Apply it to the stains and let it sit for aand hour. Launder as usual.

    What is the most money you have ever made from a garage sale?
    I am thinking about having a garage sale. I have never done it before. I know that posting it up on craigslist and having signs around the neighborhood are good, but do you have any other tips for me? We will be selling mostly baby / toddler clothes and a few house hold items.

    How much have you made from a garage sale before? Maybe I should try to get the whole block to sell stuff? Ever done that?

    • ANSWER:
      Craigslist is definitely a good idea. If you have a local classified circulation magazine in your area, that would be good as well. Put signs up at your local grocery store and big retail stores in the neighborhood. I've had a few garage sales and the most I have made was about 0. DVDs, furniture, jewelry, clothes, toys. Make sure before you do all the leg work that you check the forecast!!

      Good luck and happy selling!

    How come clothes come in different sizes?
    How come baby and toddler clothes come in months sizes, but adult clothing comes in individual sizes? Like 1,2,3 you get my drift and me clothes come in weird sizes like 30X30 And 30X32, you know what I mean?

    • ANSWER:
      baby's clothes come in months because it is based off average size at that childs age.....30x30 means 30 inch waist and 30 inch length..some people would be a 28 in wasit and 32 in is to find clothes that will best fit your body and shape easier.

    How to price baby clothes at garage sale?
    My cul-de-sac is having a community garage sale, and I am going to try to sell some of my son's baby through 2T clothing. I'm not sure how to price it, though. I don't want to price it too high, but I also have some really nice brands (Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Carter's, etc.). I have tried other ways to sell it, including craigslist and resale shops, but have not gotten any bites. What would be fair pricing for baby or toddler clothing? Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the quality of the items, usually baby items are priced between 25 cents and . Note: People who go to rummage sales are looking for deals, so your cheaper items will sell alot faster than your higher priced ones. But along as you keep it reasonable I think you'll have a good out come.

      Good luck!

    Is there anywhere I can take clothes which will be given directly to people who need them?
    I have a huge amount of baby and toddler clothes and would like to give them to charity, but not just to a shop, I'd like to know that they are going to a place where people need them - 3rd world countries, places where natural disaster have occured.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks, Helen

    • ANSWER:
      The Salvation Army thrift Store is wonderful for this. they really do help the needy.

    Good way to store/preserve old clothing for many years?
    My teenagers have some really fine baby/toddler clothes that I'd like to store for another 50 years. How do I preserve/store them?

    • ANSWER:
      Store freshly cleaned clothes wrapped in acid free tissue paper in an acid free cardboard box, and keep it in a cool, dry place. You can get the boxes and paper from craft (scrapping) stores or maybe a dry cleaners. Do not store them (or any clothes) in plastic bags EVER. It can trap moisture, and ruin the clothes.

    Have you bought or sold baby clothes on Ebay?
    I'm new to Ebay. I am thinking of selling some baby/toddler clothing on Ebay. It's all in excellent condition. Mostly Old Navy, Gap, or Gymboree.
    What can I realistically expect to get per piece? I was hoping at least per piece when selling a big lot.

    Thanks for your input!

    • ANSWER:
      I started my business selling baby clothes a long time ago although now I no longer sell clothes. You can get good prices, but it really depends on how you present your items, the sizes, & the current demand. Gymboree is always hot but not as much as it was a few years ago. If it s a popular item in a popular line in EUC, you can get much more than 2.00 per, but if its just a bodysuit from an older line, you may be disappointed.

      If you want the ease of selling a lot instead of a separate listing for each item, expect to get much less per item than you may have gotten selling individually. I always suggest that you lot together things that would be harder to sell by themselves (Old Navy, Gap, TCP Kmart, Walmart brands, ect..) & sell the premier pieces individually (Hanna Anderson, Oilily, some Gymboree, Jack & Jill). The one exception is selling full outfits as a lot, as you normally can get a premium for having all the pieces together.

      If you do decide on a lot, don't try to do the HUGE lot of all sizes newborn-3T like so many people do. Try to avoid selling more than two sizes together. 3/6 & 6/9 OR 24m/2T make sense together, but who buys all their kids clothes in one lot & happens to do so when they still need newborn clothes? You'll shoot yourself in the foot because they will bid less--if your lot has 50 items and only 20 will fit, they'll bid as though its 20 items and the rest don't exist.

      Great, detailed, well lighted pictures + Full, accurate descriptions + Honest, reasonable shipping=best chance for good profit.

    Any parents out there ever bought or sold clothes at a garage sale?
    Any tips or advice on pricing baby/ toddler clothes?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a garage sale every year (in fact, I am having one in 3 weeks). I price all Landon's clothes at .50 cents each. If someone comes up with a whole arm load of clothes I will give them a deal. One year I let people fill up a Walmart bag full of clothes for , but I will never do it again because I realized later that people were putting baby shoes and toys in the bags under the clothes. Remember, people will try to talk you down on your price, so whatever the minimum you will accept per piece add .25 cents to it. Like, I will accept .25 cents per piece at my sales, so I price everything at .50 cents.

    i sell baby clothes and I am looking for a supplier of Kinder collection socks could someone help me?
    Please could someone let me know who supplies Kinder collection socks wholesale. I want to sell them from my stall at markets. I just do not seem to be able to find a supplier for them, I have just started out selling baby and toddlers clothes and I am still trying to find my way. I would be grateful if somebody would help me out
    I am in UK.
    I am in UK.

    • ANSWER:

    Where do you shop for baby and toddler clothes?
    Just curious where other moms and dads shop for baby and toddler clothes!
    About age 12 - 24 months

    • ANSWER:
      I am a single mom with a 10 month old and a 2 yr old so I am on a tight budget. I shop at Salvation Army, Once Upon A Child, etc. and I save a TON of money. I get shoes, hats, bathing suits, coats, etc. from those places for about 50 cents to each. Much better than going to The Childrens Place or Gymboree and spending on one outfit.

    Does anyone actually make alot of money selling on ebay?
    I am a stay at home mom. My husband works. We have two small children and TONS of baby and toddler clothes in perfect condition that they have grown out of. I buy stuff on ebay all the time, does anyone actually make good money selling baby clothes or other items? Do you do better listing them as a lot or seperates? Is it better to start the bid at 0.99?

    • ANSWER:
      I have made a few bucks selling clutter from around my home. It was either I sell the stuff without care of profit or to toss the stuff into a dumpster. Some things sold, some things didn't. Some items had lots of bids, others sold for the starting prices. There is no science to it. It's a matter of having the right product at the right price at the right time and having a buyer wanting the right product at the right price at the right time. It may not be what you want to hear but it's the reality of selling on Ebay, selling in a store front, selling on a street corner, or donating goods to a homeless shelter for the tax write offs. Try it. You don't have to go 100% in either direction. Try a few items on buy it now and try a few on auction. Try a few items in lots and try a few items as seperates. Set some at 99 cents and some at .99. You can always relist. You can take a 30 day free trial on an Ebay store and see if that works for you. You can pass out flyers to Moms with your Ebay ID or ask stores to hang up the flyers for their customers with a few sample items. I would encourage you to think about a legitimate business... vendor license, business name, tax IDs, etc. WHY??? Because you can write off costs of doing business... portion of home office space, office supplies, ebay auction fees, printer cartridges, computer depreciation, workshops and books and business classes, attorney fees, accountant fees, software, etc. Even if your business doesn't rake in the kind of money you want, why pay the fees out of your pocket? It only costs around to set up a business in your county. Your library will have FREE books for business start ups. You can get more help from SCORE and SBA (see links below). You don't need a whole bunch of start up capital but you should be able to keep records of income and expenses.

    Help with pricing for my garage sale?
    Hi i am doing my first garage sale and wanted some opinions on pricing. Biggest thing i'm having an issue with is the car seats... im not even sure people will buy them out of being skeptical about them being in an accident but they have not been and dont expire until 2015. One graco pretty used but still looks great and the other evenflo used under 10 times in about pristine condition. Was thinking 10 on the evenflo 5 on the graco? Is that to low or to high? Also wanted an idea about baby-toddler clothes. And items like boppys play-mats toddler toys. Was thinking 25 cents for most of the baby clothes and maybe 50-75 on the dresses? What about female purses clothes shoes and male clothes and shoes? Pretty much just a baby-toddler clothes and toys sale and female and male clothes and shoe sale. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I think your prices are too low. Remember, people will want to bargain with you to lower the tagged prices. I'd up them a little then go lower, People will be happy and you will get what you originally expected.

    Would you buy christian baby or toddler clothes?
    I was interested in finding out how many people would or would not buy christian related clothing items for their baby or toddler. If you would buy it, what type of wording is of interests. For example, the Lord is my shepherd or Walk by faith?

    Thanks for your comments.

    • ANSWER:
      My mother bought my daughter the cutest onesie when she was born it read... Angels danced the day I was born. I loved it!

    What does baby/toddler clothing size "3T, 4T, etc." mean?
    I'm aware of the baby/toddler clothing sizes <0, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., but this morning when I was looking at ordering clothes for my 2 year old online, I noticed that some suppliers advertise their clothing sizes with a 'T', for example '3T' & '4T'.

    What does the T stand for? How can I compare these 'T' sizes to regular clothing sizes (if applicable)?
    I'm still not quite sure if I know what you mean...

    Is there a difference between children's size 3, and 3T?

    • ANSWER:
      T is for toddler. A size 3 is for a child that has outgrown a toddler size.*

baby and toddler clothes

Best Potty For Potty Training Uk

Frequently Asked Questions

    When potty training is it normal for USA/Canadian parents to leave it so late?
    I`ve been reading some of the 'potty training' questions here on YA. Most seem to be talking of potty training at around 3 years old, sometimes 4 years old.

    Here in the UK we start potty training at 18 months and our toddlers are usually clean by 2 or 2&half years old. It is a requirement that children attending Play School (starts at age 2) must be able to indicate that they want to use the toilet. Granted, accidents will still happen.

    Why is potty training left so late in the USA/Canada ?

    • ANSWER:
      Potty training happens later nowadays in the west in general; it's not just a North American thing. With larger diaper sizes being available, and with products like Pull-Ups making the potty training process easier for parents, there's less incentive to get it done early--pre-schoolers have to be potty trained, and that is typically seen as the longest you can wait.

      In the past, when your only option was cloth diapering, there was much more practical reason to potty train kids early. And of course, everyone else was doing it, so you if took too long it was a social embarrassment (and still can be).

    How can we make our toddler want to potty train despite his father wearing diapers?
    My husband wears diapers 24/7 for incontinence. We're trying to potty train our toddler, but he doesn't understand that big boys don't wear diapers unless they have a medical problem. At first he thought that only women stop wearing diapers and that men all wear diapers, but we explained to him that isn't the case. But he wants to be "like daddy." What can we do?

    • ANSWER:
      Buy a book- there is a great one available (I have the UK verision and for a girl but the US boy version will be pretty much the same):

      Also, is there a slightly older boy (your nephew, a friend's boy) who is potty trained who you could have over for a playdate and let your son see them using the potty? He'll get the idea. Take him out and let him choose some underwear- maybe ones with his favourite TV character on. He won't want to get them wet or dirty. Let him choose his own potty, and read the potty book whilst he's on it. Also, if either of you have your father around maybe they could show that adult males do use the toilet?

      If you're the one who's going to be training him mainly then take sure he comes with you every time you use the toilet to get the idea. It will come- it may take a little longre but he will get it. Good luck!

    How do you potty train a child with Autism?
    My son is 3 1/2 year old now and was diagnosed with Autism at 2. He has almost no speech, which makes potty training extremely difficult.

    • ANSWER:
      With little speech, you will benefit from starting to use signs. If you have a sign for 'toilet' & 'Good' it will so much easier to potty train and praise your son.

      Use the sign for toilet when changing his nappy and point out the toilet, using the sign for toilet also. Let him see you and your partner using the toilet if you don't already. Use the sign for 'toilet' every time you see or use the toilet.

      Using a particular song, rhyme or phrase may help your child stay on toilet (ie this is way we use the loo, use the loo, use the loo) and they may try to copy this also to communicate the need for the toilet.

      In the UK, many workers in the field of autism use 'sign along', a newer version of makaton. There will be lots of references on the web. Go to http// and go to 'something special' link. There are good diagrams of signs there.

      Good luck

    What age do people in America normally potty train their kids?
    I'm reading a fanfic and it's bugging me a little that the girl is three years old and in nappies/diapers.
    Is this a normal thing for American kids?
    I don't really know because I live in the UK.
    Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      It ranges greatly, depending on the parents and child. Some start potty training around the age of one, others wait until the kids are fully ready around the age of three. As long as the kid is trained before school starts for them, it's really not a big deal if they want to spend the time changing diapers and the money buying them. Most kids, if you wait until they are truly ready (physically and psychologically--potty training is a very autonomous thing for toddlers), can be trained in a matter of days. If you start before they are ready, it takes a really long time, sometimes a year or more.

      My own kids were three and two (older three boys were three, daughter was two). My fifth child is now 22 months old and we won't even attempt potty training for at least six more months because he is just not ready.

    I want to buy a bunny for my next pet but I need helpful tips?
    I would love to have a Bunny that could roam free around the house. I need tips on potty training, getting rid or hiding the smell, behavioral habits etc...

    • ANSWER:
      The House rabbit society (US) has a brilliant site that is packed with info:

      I found forums really good for answering questions along the way as well. The one I'm on is really helpful and lots of experienced bunny owners

    How do i get over dogs leaving to bad homes while volunteering at a humane society?
    I've been walking, training (she has a bit of a potty training issue), brushing, playing with this GORGEOUS Siberian Husky (she was there for 2 weeks, and was transported from another shelter). . So today I went to the shelter, to take her for a walk, and brush her hair out. Anyways, she LOVES to run, and be brought out in the pen they have, and she over heats easily since she's a Husky. Anyways, this older guy (around his 40's) walks in with his son, probably around 18 years old, just getting out of highschool. I was in the middle of brushing her when they came in to meet her, I put down the brush, and they started asking questions, about walking her, how good she is, ect.

    I told them, about her potty training issue, which for some pepole is a bad thing since she's already 5 years old and has a small chance she will never be house broken. (she was brought in with a ton of other huskeys who were poorly treated) I told them how she pulls a lot, and gets spooked easily when walking up behind her. The dad wasn't impressed, and tried to see how much she knew, he yelled for her to sit down, and when that didn't work he pointed his finger in a downward motion, when that failed to work, he then pushed the back of her down, she backed away. She came over and sat by my legs, I could tell she didn't like him.. She was fine with the son, but he also wasn't pestering her.

    So, then they started talking about what they would do with her, they're gone 8 hours of the day, and she would be in a kennel, which is no place for her. And then in the summer the boy added she could go to job sites with him, and sit in the truck. Though that wouldn't work either, since the dad said the truck doesn't even have air conditioning. So they left and looked at other dogs. She would be an indoor dog, when she was origonally an outdoor dog. (not living out side, but had the ability to go in and out as she pleased.)

    I went back into the dog kennel area, and changed her water, the dad walked up to me and said how he's not from around here, and he "rescues" pitbulls. He adopts pitbulls, and puts them into other cages, where no one can even love them!. He says its "better for them". BUT, hes the strangest part, he said they were wonderful dogs, and stranger yet? the shelter HAD a pitbull, just a pup. And he said it needed to be taught better, and it was a horrible dog. The dog was fine, I took it on many walks, and he loved people. Pulled less than the huskey, just was a bit spunky.

    Anyways, at the end of the day, they adopted the siberian huskey, I don't mind adopting out dogs and cats to good owners. But a kennel, and living in a truck, and living next to 34 pitbulls that are all locked up in seperate kennels, is NO home for her. She's a 5 year old who was poorly cared for, brought to our shelter from another. (where no one adopted her). I'm the only person she ever took to, and I was contemplating adopting her, but I have a dog of my own who would be afraid of her, ,she's jsut alittle shih tzu (10 years old).

    The dog was an amazing dog, but the dad was mean to her? Hitting her kennel for her to stop jumping, when al lshe wanted was out. Yelling at the other dogs to stop barking? I'm afraid something bad might happen to her, I'm greatful she got adopted and not put down, but they didnt' seem like the right kind of people for that kind of dog..

    So my question is,

    While I'm working here, how can I avoid getting too attached? IT was only her, I've walked many dogs, and take out many cats, I never get attached to them. Any suggestions? I've been crying 3 hours straight now.

    & I do plan to keep going back, so not going really isn't an option.
    I've only been working there a few weeks (starting the begining of the year), but if the animals are older they let anyone adopt them. I do not give the papers, thats up to the manager.

    And I WISH there was some sort of interview... They used to have one, but now with a new owner they got rid of the idea. Since they had so many cats and dogs come in, they lie and say they're friendly when they're really are not.
    Thanks everyone, I'm actually looking into adopting a Husky pup, either from Wisconsin, or Michigan. I've found beautiful dogs, on both breeders websites... Maybe she'll find her way back to the shelter where I could take her in a heart beat..

    & I did not say anything to anyone, there was another actual worker there, standing by me as the guy was talking about his pitbulls. He said the only way to give them a good home, was to divide them up, and leave them alone.

    Hopefully, the young boy will be better to her, than the older guy was to her.

    The husky was the sons, but he didn't seem to know much about dog care either.. :(

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds like a very archaic adoption system. Over here (UK) you have an inspector that will only release the dog into the care of new people they deem suitable. Furthermore, this will only ever happen if they pass a home check.

      I can't believe after all of the details you have explained to us that they were allowed to adopt. However, did you raise your concerns with your superiors? That's the only way you can get any real progress done....

      I think you need to raise your concerns with your superiors and insist that they raise those concerns with the appropriate animal protecting agency.

      What you described, is no life for a Husky, or any dog for that matter!

      As for the not getting attached. I'm afraid that will only be attainable if fortify the practical side of your mind. To continue to volunteer successfully at this centre you will need to ensure a stable state of mind for the dogs under your care. Make the decision to (if you'll excuse the expression) "man up". I'm not trying to offend, but you owe a duty of care and stability to those dogs so it's a choice and a difficult one at that, to make.

      I wish you all the best.

    What to expect with an 11 month old child?
    I'm dating an older guy. (23 to b exact) and he has an 11 month old baby girl. What do i expect? Is she potty trained? Does she eat whole foods? Take naps still? Have a binky? HELP! This is a big challenge for me. I'm almost 18.

    • ANSWER:
      At 11 months she is:

      probably eating a lot of adult foods (healthy ones) cut into small pieces, and often feeding herself with her fingers. usually some pureed foods still, but less. And she eats 3 meals per day, plus a few snacks, in addition to getting formula

      may be started to drink whole milk instead of formula

      still taking 1-2 naps a day. Most kids keep taking at least one short nap until 3-4 years of age.

      probably still using a binky, especially for sleeping

      not pottytrained (2-3 years is average)

      may be walking or at least "crusing" (walking holding on to furniture), probably pretty fast at crawling.

      may only have a couple of teeth still, and probably no molars.

      probably saying a few words and babbling quite a lot

      still likes games like knocking down block towers, unstacking rings, or taking blocks out of a bowl. She is just getting coordinated enough to start putting blocks back _in_ the bowl, use a shape-sorter, or re-stack stacking toys.

      You can read more about an 11-month old development here:

    Can someone please give me some tips on potty training a puppy?
    Shes an eight week old lab we have had her about 2 weeks and she just will not train please help

    • ANSWER:
      Please ignore the people who tell you to crate your puppy and leave her to cry, its cruel and if a puppy is left on her own she may also develop separation anxiety.
      In the UK some breeders sell their puppies when they are about six weeks old so don't worry she will be OK.
      There are so many questions about potty training that I have saved an answer in my archives, consequently it refers to a male puppy.

      The following is my method of preventing separation anxiety and starting potty training.After your puppy has had a waunder around the garden and hopefully had a pee or a poo. Put your dog in a separate room if possible, then go out of this room and close the door. Open the door immediately and go into the room again, ignore your dog whilst pretending to clean the counter tops or pretend to do something else for a very short time. Go out of the room and immediately go back in again, keep doing this and gradually increase the amount of time which you stay on the other side of the door. Leave your puppy in peace apart from doing the door thing.

      Timing is vital and you must do this try to get back into the room BEFORE YOUR PUPPY CRIES. Eventually your puppy will go to sleep and will be convinced that you are just on the other side of the door. When you know that he is asleep stop going into the room, however you MUST LISTEN FOR HIM WAKING UP.

      When you know that he is awake, go into the room lift him up CARRY him into the garden for a pee and whilst he is doing this say get one and praise him profusely. Puppies need feeding about four times a day, although he may have a pee before his feed you should also take him out again afterwards. You must always take him out when it wakes up and after he has had food or drink. It s also a good idea to let him explore your yard/garden afterwards. Obviously he should not remain in solitude all day he will need fun play and cuddles. However every time that he is left in his room its a rehearsal for bedtime and he will be less likely to cry when you go to bed

      It is vital that you continue with the door thing for the first few days. To ensure that you have a happy puppy try to devote all of your time to him for the first two week. This will also help with potty training, however he will not have any control for the first few weeks and he will pee during the night.. To help him, use newspaper that you have rubbed in one of the pees that he has done outside and leave several layers of newspaper on the floor. Hopefully he will toilet on the newspaper during the night.
      My dog sleeps in my bedroom, however when I go out she sleeps in the utility room. She and my previous dogs still think that I am just at the other side of the door.

      GOOD LUCK.

    How do you train a ferret?
    How do you train a ferret not go to bathroom everywhere? Shes already been potty trained but she still goes to bathroom everywhere...Please help me with this...Im lost..Ive tried to tell her no and put her in her cage for like a "time out" and that doesnt work...Please help me

    • ANSWER:
      Just watch to see where she is going then put a litter box in that spot, as she uses less litter boxes you can reduce the number of trays, you will have to keep them clean other wise they will start to use the floor again.

      I hand the following out to anyone who buys any of my ferrets. I live in the UK, I exhibit, judge and breed ferrets, also ferret cross European polecat hybrids, I got my first pet ferret and pet rabbit over 50 years ago, when I was a child.

      Behaviour of all ferrets can sleep up to 20 hours a day and must have a playtime of at least 2-3 hours a day. They can be extremely active during play, dashing up and down stairs and around your home like a mad things, play fights and mock battles are all part of their play.
      There is a load of sh*t spouted out there about not keeping two intact males together, but maybe these people are right after all as I don't keep two intact males together I have 6 intact males living together and in another group I have 6 intact females living together.

      Feeding Ferrets
      Ferrets are carnivores and therefor they should be fed on a raw meat diet, correctly fed ferrets should never need hairball prevention (Ferret Lax).
      My ferrets get whole poultry, pigeons, pheasants and waterfowl all with feathers and on the bone also whole rabbits in the fur on the bone. Bovine liver in small amounts, sheep and pigs heart lungs wind pipe and spleen of which is all minced together then fed to the ferrets, they also get diced poultry turkey and pork also beef / pork and turkey mince, the mince can also contain some fish without the bones.
      As a treat my ferret like a small amounts of apple and some of them like melon skins

      Almost any type of cage can be used for ferrets, from rabbit hutches, poultry arks and dog crates to home made hutches. For their own safety all ferrets should be put in some sort of cage while the owners are not at home.

      Bedding / Care
      I use shredded paper, as I find that changed weekly it cuts down on the ferrets normal body odder. Ferrets should never need a bath and if the owner thinks their ferret needs a bath I suggest that they find another type of pet. Once you have bather your ferret the odder will come back and it will be twice the strength it was before you bathed it.

      Ferrets like to have a playtime of at least 2-3 hours a day, although mine can be found to be awake when ever anyone is around. Mine also love to go for walks with me and my dogs around the village.

      Some people say that one reason they have hobs castrated is to stop the sexual frustration of the adolescence ferrets.
      Then others say about the smell of the ferrets as another reason for having hobs castrated As for the smell of these young ferrets it is a great smell and anyone who thinks differently should think about weather they should have ferrets or maybe they would be better off looking after some inanimate object such as a stone, hence so sexual frustration or smell.
      Would you castrate the male family members because of B.O. or their feet smell? So why do it to ferrets!
      Correctly fed ferrets should never need hairball prevention (Ferret Lax). Trimming Nails Sit down and lay your rabbit on its back that way you can get to all 4 feet put your thumb on the sole of the foot with your fingers around the back of the foot and press your thumb down to show the nails take 1/3 rd of the nail off
      Healthy ferrets can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Spaying and neutering is not a good thing for ferrets as this leads to Adrenal cancer
      Ferrets can catch human flu.
      Sneezing and coughing, Runny nose and eyes (discharge should be clear), Fever over 104 F, Lethargy, Wheezing, Diarrhoea, Loss of appetite.

      Breeding / Sexing
      With the male the penis is where the bellybutton usually is and with the female both anus and vagina are just under her tail

      Ferret History - Originally, in 1758 the domestic ferret was classified as a separate genus and was called Mustela Furo. It was believed the steppe polecat to be the closest to the domestic ferret. Then, in 1970, through the examination of external chromosome shape, it was determined that the European polecat (Mustela putorius) was closer to the domestic ferret than the steppe polecat. When this evidence came to light it was decided M. putorius and the domestic ferret were in the same species and the domestic ferret was then renamed Mustela Putorius Furo to distinguish it from the polecat. However, dogs are considered Canis familiars, not Canis lupus familiars which should follow if they are domesticated wolf, Canis lupis. The 1828 Webster's Dictionary defines: FER'RET, n. 1. An animal of the genus Mustela, or Weasel kind, about 14 inches in length, of a pale yellow colour with red eyes.

      In 1999 a group of British scientists examined DNA structure and could not make any further determination. So at this point in time we simply do NOT know, with certainty, the ancestor of the domestic ferret. The theories given here are the best possible with the available information. If new evidence is introduced, adjustments may be made. Right now, our best guess is that the domesticated ferret is a descendant of the European polecat.
      Here in the UK adults can weigh from 1lb to 7lbs, and can vary according to the time of year up to as much as 50% plus or minus.

      Ferrets were imported to the USA in the late 18th century. In the mid 19th century ferrets (then known as fitch) were bred for their fur and even as late as the 1980's fitch fur farming was widespread. Only recently has this practice fallen out of favour with most countries.

      Ferrets as pets in the USA
      In the United States, ferrets were relatively rare pets until the 1980s. Dr. Wendy Winstead, a veterinarian and former folk singer who had her first ferret in 1969, sold ferrets to a number of celebrities including Dick Smothers and David Carradine while making television appearances on programs such as the David Letterman Show with ferrets in the 1980s[13], writing books and promoting them until her death in the 1990s from cancer. A government study by the California State Bird and Mammal Conservation Program found that by 1996, approximately 800,000 or so domestic ferrets were likely being kept as pets in the United States.

      Rabbiting For hundreds of years, the main use of ferrets was for hunting, or ferreting. With their long, lean build and curious nature, ferrets are very well equipped for getting down holes and chasing rodents and rabbits out of their burrows. Caesar Agustus sent ferrets (named "viverrae" by Plinius ) to the Balearic Islands to control the rabbit plagues in 6 BC. They are still used for hunting in some countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, where rabbits are considered a plague species. However, the practice is illegal in several countries where it is feared that ferreting could unbalance the ecology.
      In England, in 1390, a law was enacted restricting the use of ferrets for hunting to those of substantial means: " is ordained that no manner of layman which hath not lands to the value of forty shillings a year (the equivalent of about 1,000 in today's money) shall from henceforth keep any greyhound or other dog to hunt, nor shall he use ferrets, nets, heys, harepipes nor cords, nor other engines for to take or destroy deer, hares, nor conies, nor other gentlemen's game, under pain of twelve months' imprisonment." Ferrets were first introduced into the New World in the 17th century, and were used extensively from 1860 until the start of World War 2 to protect grain stores in the American West..

      The Hobby of Breeding & Showing Ferrets is called 'The Fancy'. Almost every weekend, all over the country, ferret shows are taking place. Many are Local Ferret Clubs holding their single-day shows in places such as Village Halls and Scout Huts, others are two-day Championship Shows held in Sports Centres and School Halls.

      My Experience
      Since having a brain injury I had to cut down on pets from over the 200 that I owned, I have only kept a few Ferrets and European hybrids, Rabbits, Dogs and Rosella Parakeets.
      After keeping young ferret hobs form the early 70 'before that I only ever kept jills', I have found that once the young hobs reach adolescence they will try to bully the rest of the group and they soon find out that the older hobs will not stand for their bullying ways. Ferret hobs can be brats when they come into their first season, but after that they just become friends. Being a ferret owner for 50+ years, with 12 ferrets at the moment and my oldest ferrets have lived to 13+ the following group is not just about ferrets, we have members who own all sorts of pets,.
      ALWAYS seek veterinary advice if your pet seems unwell in any way, and research new information as thoroughly as possible then take it to your vet for their opinion before acting on it.

      30 years friendship with a veterinarian.
      Contact me if you need any more help.

    how do i train a 3 yrold chihuahua that has been neutered?
    I got my kids a chihuahua and he is 3yrs old and neutered and not potty trained. How do I train him? I need to get him trained or I have to give him away. Please Help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      email my dog behaviourist she is brilliant -

    What age is appropriate to potty train a child?
    Please list if you come from the UK, US, or another country. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      The sooner you start, the better. There is nothing wrong with sitting your baby on a potty from a real early age. He will get used to it. In the UK, where I am from, it is not unusual for children to be clean and dry at aged 1 year. My own daughter was. I trained her to sit on the pot from before she could even support herself. When she was older and using the toilet, I would lift her out at night before I went to bed and whisper to her " wee wee for mommy" and she would. If I say that to her now (at age 19) she tells me to STOP!! because it is subliminal and she will never forget it. My 6 month old grandson uses his potty for dumps and automatical pees as well. So, my advice is start as early as a few months.

    How Do I Litter box Train My Baby Bunny?
    So I have a 2 1/2 month old rabbit. Long story short, he craps everywhere. I've tried litter box training him, but everything I try doesn't work. Do you think he's to young to under stand litter box? I was thinking about taking the box away and reintroducing it to him when he's older. Would that work or is it better to train him when he's young? I'm open to try anything!

    • ANSWER:
      Take the potty out for a day, and try to spot which corner your rabbit is weeing in. Then put some special litter in the potty (a material different to the rabbits bedding so that it knows the difference, i use ) Fill the potty with the litter about an inch the mix in the bedding which your rabbit has peed on. And put the potty in the same corner where the bunny has peed... It may take about a week - if your rabbit starts to pee in over places pick up the wee and put it in the potty and put hay around the places where the bunny has started to pee, your rabbit will then think that its a place for eating and the potty is the place for weeing.

      Your bunny will poo generally in the potty but you may find some poo drops around the cage but this will be a different way of your bunny marking where it lives instead of weeing everywhere.

      The younger your bunny the better, as it will be less hormonal and be less likely to mark a wider range of territory. It took my rabbit about 2 weeks.

      Hope this helps. message me if you need any help

    Moms, How did you potty train your little boys?
    Q1. What age did you start potty training your little boy(s) and did you:
    A. Teach them to stand and pee immediately after you start potty training them
    B. Teach them sitting to pee before standing

    Q2. If you taught them to sit to pee first how long after potty training did you teach them to stand?

    Q3. After potty training did you teach them the following?
    A. Put the toilet seat down after you pee
    B. Watch for the zipper
    C. All of the above

    • ANSWER:
      1 3A India, men don't help because they don't want to.
      2 NA
      3 A yes
      B no, trousers for 3 year olds in the UK don't have zips

    Am I the only one who finds it wrong that some Nursery schools in the UK are wanting 2 year olds to attend?
    At 2 they should still be with their parents, not in school.
    When I was younger you had to be potty trained before starting nursery, now they don't. My friend is a nursery teacher teaching 3-4 year olds, and is upset that the place she works is accepting 2 year olds as teaching a 2 year old is nothing like teaching a 4 year old.
    Its not the same as daycare, its actual schooling.

    • ANSWER:

    HELP! I have a roughly 6 month old puppy that vomits water when left in her kennel.?
    I just welcomed a puppy into my home that was left for dead tied to a tree in a creek with water in it. She is the sweetest and so smart. I have had her 4 days now and I leave her in a kennel while I am at work or gone so we can successully potty train her. My problem as of today is when I get home there is a pool of liquid surrounding her kennel! Any idea what is wrong? How can I make her crate more enjoyable so she does not cry so much? She cries a lot so is this possibly what is making her vomit the water? She does not vomit outside the kennel.
    Also, I am not sure what kind of dog she is but from pictures I have seen online she is either a boxer mix or lab mix.
    The liquid is not pee. She has not had an accident in the kennel thankfully. I am able to be with her every 4 hours becuase I come home for lunch. It just breaks my heart that I cannot figure out what is wrong. I will defintely try those crate training websites.
    Also, I am taking her to the vet to get all her shots and spayed in the next week or so. I guess I will find out then what is wrong. She is staying hydrated she drinks so much water when she is running around with us in the house and in the backyard.
    Thanks for all your suggestions!
    I did consider that keeping her in the kennel might be stressing her out because of how she was treated before. I will try to make her as comfortable as possible. She will eventually be able to rome the house but not until she is crate trained.

    • ANSWER:
      Crate train her.

      Here's some websites about training;;_ylt=AvDndTGdvZZjM0sWV8iE50yv4yA5;_ylv=3?qid=20120620132037AAsAL1z -GOOD

      Hope this helps and good luck.

best potty for potty training uk

Potty Training Tools Toddlers

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some good potty training tips for a stubborn little girl?
    My daughter is 2.5 years old and still isn't potty trained. She will use the potty, but often is too lazy to tell me when she has to go. Anyone have any new inovative ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      first thing with any toddler is NO PULL-UPS at all. I found that Character undies work wonders. Let her pick out the panties at your fav target walmart wherever you may shop. key is to let her pick them two packs of character and one plain white pack in between and because they bleach beautifully. use the first pak of "princess panties" to start with and tell her she will get to wear the others when she learns not to go potty in the "trial" ones. I did that with my son needless to say I had him fully trained in 2 weeks flat with consistence and reinforcement. also use a potty chart I know Kandoo has a website with tips and tools for potty training. If you're comfortable with her being bottomless in the house when its just you two then go for it just make sure you have a carpet shampooer I bought mine for potty training. she wont like stuff dripping down her legs. Oh yeah and if she goes in her panties stick her in the tub to help you rinse and wash them out. and while doing so explain that the potty goes in the potty and not on "princess Dora's face" she'll get it. Good luck.

    How do I potty train my foster son who is 6 years old?
    My foster son is 6 and is still in diapers because he has a slight developmental delay. He only has the brain capacity of a 2 1/2 year old toddler. His parents were also like this when they were his age. I think it's weird having a child in diapers who is kind of old for them, so I'm thinking about trying to potty train him. Should I try this or is my foster son still not ready?

    • ANSWER:
      My autistic son was ready about that age but you may have to look for signs to see if he is yet. Step one is knowing if he understands that he is even going at all. The way I knew was because I would let him wear big boy underwear at home. When he stopped wetting them and started pulling me towards the diapers when he needed to go I knew he understood.

      He was already too big for a potty so we went used one of those seats that you set on the regular toilet but he still wouldn't go. I realized that every time I would put him into a warm bath he would start to pee as soon as his feet touched the water so I used that as a tool. As soon as the pee starts pick him up and place him in front of the bowl. Once he's done getting some pee in the bowl do a happy dance and tell him how good he did even if he only got a drop it. It's messy because he will keep peeing while you move him but it's for the greater good and cleaning with vinegar will deodorize the pee smell. Bleach will only make it worse so if you really want to bleach then wait for the vinegar to dry then wipe with bleach.

      Pooping was much harder and it took us another 6 months after he was peeing in the toilet. I think he was more stubborn than anything with this. He would sit and sit but never let his poop go. He would hold it until I would finally put him in a pull up to go out. One day we ran out of pull ups and when he handed me the empty package I told him there wouldn't be anymore. It was heartbreaking to get through because he was so upset. All day it was back and forth to the toilet without going. He held it until his tummy hurt and his butt started leaking before he had no choice but to go. After that we went and let him pick out a reward from the toy store. Once he finally did go that was it he was done and has been trained for over two years now without so much as an accident.

      He's at the age now where he goes alone so our current issue is too much paper. My solution is to buy the store brand that is light on paper just for his bathroom then I take a bread knife and cut it in half so that the roll is 2 two inch rolls instead of 1 four inch roll. It works well enough until we get through this phase and onto the next. Good luck with all of your future challenges and remember to take deep calming breaths.

    how to potty train boy toddler who poops in underwear and clean it as well?
    He's 2.5 and we just started training last week. He pees ok in his potty, but we haven't mastered pooping. Whenever he does poop, it lands in his undies and it's very sticky, like clay and very hard to clean from underwear. Anyone have any idaes on how to make this easier to clean? I don't want to give up.

    What do other moms do with poopy undies? How do you really clean it?

    • ANSWER:
      Incentives work well.

      I used to own my own day care, and with those kids, I used multiple techniques. One of the best things you can do is have "potty time." I used to make the kids take time out of the day for sitting on the potty and trying to go. You celebrate whether they were successful or not -- the attempt counts! Cheer, dance, etc. Potty time was never an option for my kids -- when it's potty time, you have to sit and try. I had potty time every 2 hours for kids who were just learning (i.e. only peeing occasionally in the potty.) If they were pretty much trained but just having trouble with poop, I'd have potty time 2-3 times a day. They only had to sit for a minute or 2, but it worked wonders.

      Also, we used sticker charts. Once they got 'X' amount of stickers (say, 1o), they could pick out a toy from my toy bin. Usually they were just dollar store trinkets, but they got SO excited to watch the sticker chart fill up and count down to their toy. It doubles as a great tool for learning to count.

      Watch him and you should start to learn his patterns. He should go at about the same time every day -- watch him around that time for "hiding" or trying to exclude himself from a group of people -- typically signs of needing to go. If you catch him about to go, try to get him on the potty asap to get even SOME of it into the potty. Then, celebrate!

      As far as getting it out of the undies, rinse them in the tub asap, and then wash them in the washing machine. I used to watch kids "accident" clothes alone.

    What is best to use for all floor types?
    So we're stuck with this crappy's faux wood and has these grooves with this weird shine that makes the floors LOOK greasy no matter how often it's cleaned, so nothing I can do about that. Any-who, my mother's dog stayed for the week while we were on vacation, and she's not potty trained so guess what I came home to! We tried the Swiffer last night, nothing. Just got through trying this Shark steam cleaner thingy, and I STILL SMELL THE PEE!!! UGH! Moving on, the kitchen has this high gloss porcelain tile that after cleaning with the Swiffer feels so grimy under the feet after cleaning-I just sprayed a little bleach before mopping with the steamer (hope that works). Which product and/or tool is best and safe for both floors, that not only leave the apartment smelling good, but actually disinfects, CLEANS, and leaves no residue? I want to walk around barefoot again and this smell is driving me crazy! (I also have a one year young toddler)

    • ANSWER:

    when and how to start potty training?
    please tell me when is
    'the best time to ;start and how on to potty train little boys

    • ANSWER:
      Look for these signs that he's ready: Does he notice when he pees or poops? Does he dislike being in a messy diaper? Does he show an interest in the toilet? Can he keep a diaper dry for a while? Is he in a cooperative phase?

      If "yes" is the answer to all those, he's ready. Decide whether you'll use a toddler potty chair to train him or put a toddler seat on the toilet. What you choose is really about what would work best for him, every child is different.

      If you want to prep him before serious potty training then check out some toddler DVDs and books from the library on potty training and watch and read them with him without any pressure. Also, give him a chance to sit on the toilet sometimes, maybe before bathtime.

      Once you're both ready to begin, start on a morning and give him lots to drink. Then take him potty every 20minutes - an hour (really depends on him, some kids will go every 20 minutes) let him sit on the potty, read to him so he'll be comfortable and relaxed and ask him to go pee. He may do it, he may not. Keep going. Don't get discouraged about accidents. Think of them as learning tools. Eventually he will successfully go on the potty. Soon he'll start going on the potty right away, no longer needing you to read to him. Eventually he'll start to notice when he needs to go and won't have to be taken potty because he'll know when to go. He will probably still need some help washing hands or wiping, etc.

      There are a lot of helpful webpages to look at too. First one is signs he's ready to be potty trained : This one is about potty training methods: This one is about motivation: This one helps you decide between potty chair or toddler toilet seat: and this one gives tips for pooping on the potty and the last one is about aiming in the toilet:

    What are some cute and imaginative things your toddler does?
    My son just turned 3 and he is obsessed with the movie Up. We took him to see it and ever since he has been asking for balloons and running around yelling "up up and away!" He has a cardboard box "house" that he "fixes" with his plastic tools, last week he took one of his balloons and asked me to attach it to the top so it was like the Up house. Then he ran around all day yelling "So long boys" out the window. Too cute!

    • ANSWER:
      My two year old nephew has a mind of his own too. He knows every type of construction vehicle created by man. Excavator, Front end loader, backhoe, cement truck and if you say look see the excavator he will well let you know what it really is. He also knows everything created by John Deere like the gator and stuff. His mom takes him to demolition sites so he can watch these machines go to work.

      He has never said the word mad. Instead he asks him mom if she is angry. The other day he just started teeing on the floor so his mom got upset and he said momma are you little angry or big angry.

      Now that he is fully potty trained he looks at his number 2 and lets us know what it looks like. Such as an ice cream cone, a snake, a mushroom.

      Every week he comes up with something new! I guess it is good he hasn't seen up yet!

    What is the first thing you should train your rottweiler puppy?
    I'm getting a male puppy in 3 weeks once he's reached 8 weeks. They say training can never start too early, and I want him to have the BEST and HEALTHIEST start any dog could have to lead him for the rest of his life. What brand of food should I feed him and how much? Also, when could I start taking him for walks, is it ever too soon? Is it best to use a harness? Thank-you.

    • ANSWER:
      It's great that you're so excited about your new pup. Training takes time and patience but puppies can certainly learn a lot if done right. As a service dog trainer I expect my puppies to learn around 30 commands by the time they reach four months.

      Some people are going to tell you to dominate your puppy, I don't think this is the best approach and I feel it's outdated. After all in the service dog world many of our clients can not dominate a dog, some can't even speak and yet the dog does what is asked. It's more like a parent child relationship. the puppy wants to please you and you need to encourage this in them. Yes some dogs like rotties need a firmer voice but they're still looking to please you. The dog has to want to do things for you to make you happy.

      First thing to train is the house breaking. A lot of people will tell you how to tell a dog not to go, I'll tell you to teach a dog when to go. Training a dog to go on command is very helpful. Depending on the age and size of your dog will decide how often you take the dog out. But when you do take your dog out I suggest picking a command, I use 'better hurry'. When the dog is outside to go potty I tell the dog to better hurry over and over until they start to pee or poop. Once the dog starts peeing or pooping, I get really excited and say "Yes! that's it! Good job! Yes! you're such a good boy!" The entire time they're doing it. when they finish I promptly give them a treat. Usually something small, just a taste is all I'm giving them. Eventually you get them to do this on command and they'll want to do this outside because they get praise and a treat for doing so. eventually once they get it down you can just do praise only. It's like teaching a toddler to use the toilet, you get excited with them to make the whole concept fun and exciting so they'll do it again. If they go in the house tell them no, clean it up then take them outside . They're probably not done going. Do the same process with them. tell them to better hurry when the start doing it get excited, end with treat

      Walking on a leash is important. Invest in a holt collar. You'll end up needing more than one cause of how much he'll grow, but they're an amazing tool that self train the puppy not to pull. It slips over their snots and behind their ears, you attached the leash to the ring under their snout and then it attaches to the collar. Every time the puppy pulls it's head gets lowered to his chest and dogs don't like that. Also they don't have nearly the strength in their head that they do in their shoulders and neck. This will save you from arm and back pain as he gets older. Also it's not a muzzle and doesn't hinder them from picking up toys, eating, or drinking.

      Basic commands like sit, down, leave it. They're not hard to train into them, just require a lot of treats. I use smelly ones like pupperonie that are easy to break apart. You giving him tastes of it not feeding him. Teaching him to sit is as simple has taking the treat above their head while their standing and moving it away from yourself, so that the puppy's head will follow it back and it will automatically plop it's butt on the ground, easy! To get them down you take the treat and hold it close to the floor when it goes for your hand you pull your hand towards yourself guiding the puppy into a down position. again easy. Guiding the dog into what you want to do is how you show them. Praise is a big factor though. When they put their butt on the ground you give them big praise, get excited and give them a treat. They'll want to do it again, because it was so exciting. when teaching them something new try to get them to do it a max of three times, then have them do something they know like sit and get it excited over it. You need to keep the training a fun time for you and the puppy, you don't want to stress out over it.

      Last thing is you don't want your dog to develop a food aggression. Since it's a puppy you have a great opportunity to prevent this. once the puppy starts learning, sit and leave it. you can start making the puppy sit for his food. he can't touch his food until he looks at you then you give him permission. This is saying the food is mine, and I'm letting you eat it. Also practice petting him while he's eating and at time take the food away from him and make him do the same process to get it back.

      I know you were asking about food and all that but training is such a big part of having a happy life with your new friend. I wanted to give you advice on how to get into it. Good Luck!

    How did you first introduce your toddler to potty training?
    My daughter is about to hit 18 months, and I think she might be ready really soon to start training:

    1. Since she was 11 months, she has always gone to a specific part of the room when she has a bowel movement.

    2. She has started becoming aware of her diaper and what body parts are inside it.

    3. She has started showing a positive response when I suggest changing her out of her dirty diaper, as if she was relieved that she would have a clean diaper soon.

    This is my first child, and I am not sure how to start training...Just get a potty chair and put her on it?

    AND...what do all you parents do when you are OUT with your don't lug that potty chair around with you, DO you?

    I am so clueless.

    • ANSWER:
      My son just turned 2, we are attempting potty training right now. He showed an interest around 18 months, but he didn't really grasp the idea. But I'll tell you what really got him interested was a fantastic potty training DVD called Elmo's Potty Time. It helped that he loves Sesame Street. This DVD is a wonderful tool! There is also a great potty training guide in it. Soon, he was asking to go potty after I followed some of the suggestions in the guide.

      As for carrying around the potty chair, we're not ready to venture out into public yet without a diaper, however ... I do have 3 older boys. All I can say is, take extra everything! A set of clothes, wipes, pull ups or whatever you are using to potty train. Be prepared to stop and drop everything at a moments notice to make a mad dash to a public restroom. Sanitary wipes are handy in that situation, I just held them on the big potty, though sometimes this is intimidating despite you reassurance that they are using the 'big potty.'

      Good luck!

    How can I control my crazy 3 year old and get him potty trained?
    My 3 year old is driving me crazy. I am a stay at home mom to my 2 sons. My 3 year old won't potty train and it seems like he is always doing something he is not suppose to. Wheather it is fighting with his brother or breaking his toys. I need help has anyone had any of these problems and gotten through it? I need as much advise on potty training as possible. thanks
    My son is not that interested in the potty. When I do change him he says things like " I am a baby". When I put him on the toilet he screams and cries. I am really trying to get him potty trained soon, we have another one on the way.

    • ANSWER:
      The answer here may seem obvious but I have noticed that for many young parents it is not, so here I go on my soap box again!!! One word. Consistency. Being consistent in your parenting approach is the single most effective tool you have, and it is the only approach which works! A consistent parent gives the SAME recation to a certain behavior (such as breaking toys) each and EVERY time it occurs. If you are tired, on the phone, watching TV, whatever, it does NOT matter. If you want a well behaved child then YOU don't get excuses for not being consistent. For example, you are on the phone and your 3 yr old siezes the moment to grab the other's toy and break it. What do you do? Yell at him? Threaten him with what will occur when you are done talking??? Three year olds could just care LESS about the future! No, to be consistent you say into the phone" I have to go now" or "can you please wait a sec" put the phone down, walk over to where 3 yr old is, remove toy, place child in timeout, etc. In short, you must be willing to deal with bad behavior when it is occuring, not when it is convenient. Cuz, oh boy, do your kids just know when it isn't convenient!! Kids, especially stronger-willed ones who always need to try and define their independence 24 hours a day, lol, desperately need YOU to provide the controls and stability that they cannot, because they ARE kids. That is your job. I would never say that a parent is responsible for every act a teenager makes, but to a very large degree, you ARE responsible for the actions of your toddler. Toddlers are not thinking, reasoning, calculating little miniature adults setting out to drive you nuts ... they are babies who are learning their world, testing limits to see what is allowed and not, over and over again. They are obstinate. They resist you. It's how they grow and develop. It is called LEARNING. You are the guide. You wouldn't take a bunch of people on a trip, acting as guide, and walk them off a cliff would you? Well, you are your children's guide in life. Where you LEAD (and if you are NOT consistent, it's into "crazy" behavior like fighting brother, breaking toys, refusing to do what you want, ie: potty in the potty) they WILL follow. By sometimes not responding to a negative behavior, or just yelling at them, and not acting you have actually TAUGHT your child that he can get away with stuff often enough that he is willing to risk it because as far as he knows, he may get away with it this time!! Now, be clear here, he doesn't consciously sit there and think all that, but that is the process deep in his little learning center, lol.

      So, bottom line, parenting is the hardest work you will ever do if you try to do it well! You are on call 24-7, tired, sick, busy, doesn't matter, still YOUR job. Do it well and you and your child will be happy more often than not. Consistent consequences are key. Hey, you always smile when you tell him I love you, right? So, he learned being told I love you is a good thing. Again, the key is ALWAYS.

      As for potty training specifically, busy, strong-willed kids, in my experience, need to be at least 3 and in a cooperative state of mind when the training starts. So, wait a few more weeks (to get fighting you over it off his mind) then decide you are going to make his potty training number one parent job for the next week or two. Put him on the pot on a frequent schedule. Clean his "mistakes" up without comment. Compliment his performance when it's in the pot by letting HIM roll off a little paper, flush it, etc. Kids love this stuff! Lol, one of my grandkids used to wave and say bye-bye poo-poo every time he flushed his poop! But, letting him is why he cooperated and did it!! See what I mean? Whether you have him sinking cheerios or fruit loops, or train him sitting down, the point is it won't work until it becomes easier for him to do what you want then to fight you. Eventually, if you sit him on the pot for 5 minutes every hour for a couple days, he will use the pot enough that he will get the idea that, hey, this is much better and easier than getting my diaper changed all the time, and quicker too!!!

      Parents magazine has some terrific contributing writers that often give excellent advice for parents stressed out by kids being kids.

      Lastly, when your kids is driving you bonkers and you just know your last nerve is shot, try telling yourself, "OMG!!! he is being such a three year old!" lol, this brings it back into focus, because, well, he is NOT crazy, he is just THREE.

    Any tips on house breaking a puppy?
    I need help training my puppy. My husband says I only have 2 weeks or he is out. He is sick. Is it cause he eats cat food or bugs?

    • ANSWER:
      To ask 2 weeks of a puppy is outragious, without the occassional accident. Just like a Toddler going through potty training, it takes time/repetition/consistency/ and praise for a job well done.

      A good rule of thumb to follow is the fact that just like a baby, the puppy has a small stomach and requires frequent feedings over the corse of the day. After the puppy eats/drinks he/she will generally have to potty within 10 minutes. Look for obvious signs like the puppy sniffing around, or being ellusive or wandering off alone in the house.

      I use crate training as a potty training tool as well, generally a puppy will learn not to pee or poop in the place it's laying in and will learn to hold his bladder but only for short periods of time, and working up to longer periods of time as he get's over a year old.

      If you stay home with the puppy, you can also leash him directly to you, so he's always within your view to correct.

      But if you are away from your home with a new puppy, it will be more difficult to break the habit since you aren't there to reinforce the bad behavior.

      Try putting a piddle pad (buy at petsmart or other pet stores) so he has a designated spot to pee/poop on and gradually bring the piddle pad outside to indicate this is were he should be deficating. Offer lots of praise....and remember, he's only a puppy and will have the occassional accident. It's up to you to stay diligent with potty training. It's possible that he can be potty trained in that short of time, but generally takes a few months to ensure they have the hang of things.

      Good Luck, and tell your husband to lighten up.

    Can you train a child like you do a dog?
    Do the same techniques work?
    I'm not planning on having a child. I was just curious if things like positive reinforcement worked on children.

    • ANSWER:
      RuthAnn is spot on... it sort of works, to a point. I have a very well behaved dog and a very well behaved toddler and while teaching a child is much more complex, some of the same principles apply.

      For example, when I went through dog training with our dog, the trainer explained that the animal WANTS to please you and if it's not doing what you want, it's because it doesn't really understand. When you're teaching and infant/toddler, this is, to some degree, equally true... rather than thinking the child is "wrong/bad/needs to be punished" for not doing what you want them to do, you instead look to how you're communicating and see that it's YOU who needs to change how you're communicating/messaging. Once you've found a way to effectively communicate, your child will be more responsive to your teaching.

      There does come a point where a human is honing their will and sense of self. While a puppy wants to please, that's not always the case with a toddler. Sometimes a toddler just wants to see what is going to happen when food falls on the floor, over and over.. a personal experiment in gravity. I'd never consider using reverse psychology to potty train a dog, but it was an essential tool when potty training our toddler.

      I did carry over many lessons from dog training, however. Positive reinforcement is a GREAT parenting tool. The adage "an exhausted dog is an excellent dog" is also true of toddlers. While no one wants an overtired child on their hands, if you exercise your toddler, they'll develop muscle coordination and wear themselves out and increase their appetite.. there will be fewer food issues because they're just plain hungry and fewer sleep issues because they're just plain tired. There will also, in my experience, be fewer behavioral issues because generally they're just happier when they've been able to really work it all out.

      So some of the dog training approaches have some application. Some just don't. If you're "just curious" you might want to read parenting books on "positive discipline."

    Can a chiropractor help with potty training?
    I heard tonight that taking my girl to the chiropractor can potetntially help her with potty training is this true

    • ANSWER:
      This question caught my eye, so I decided to do some searching and even call a few of my other friends with children and none of them have heard of that. Another reason I read this is that I have a two and a half year old son who I started potty training 6 months ago. It started off very well, he would use his potty every morning, now he refuses to use it at all. It can get frustrating. I am searching for tips that can help us both when it comes to potty training.So far I have noticed a lot of websites trying to make money on desperate parents who just want fast potty training. The one thing I do know is patience is the most important tool to have when potty training. Staying calm is also very important since kids sense stress and will resent using the potty. I found some tips I will list.

      Try singing a song about going to the potty.
      Sing a song praising them when they use the potty.
      Read books to your daughter about going to the potty.
      Find a special seat. ( I know this one, I have bought 4 before my son found one he liked to use when he was using it that is lol)
      Use a timer as a reminder of when to go potty to keep it consistant for your daughter.
      Dying the toilet water fun colors.
      Make them feel proud.
      Use treats and surprises.( save the toys out of fast food children's meals and give her one when she successfully goes to the bathroom)
      Celebrate with stickers on a chart showing her progress.
      Put your child in charge. Watch for clues they are ready to train. You do not want to force them or again they will see it as a punishment and resent using the potty.
      Make flushing fun ( my son was enthusiastic about using his potty becuase he knew I would dump it into the toilet and he then was allowed to flush)
      Skip the training underwear. Children are used to diapers so they don't actually get uncomfortable wearing them as they would real underwear. Let her pick out pairs with her favorite characters on them.
      Have her wear dresses more often, it will make it easier for her to go when she feels the need.
      Sometimes giving up gets results. I read where a girl wanted to wear underwear but notr use the potty. The parents said to her " do what you want". Two days later she was using the potty.

      Ok, I am going to give you a very brief list of signs your daughter is ready to potty train( if I type much more I might just get carpal tunnel syndrome)

      Your toddler will show signs that they physically recognize the sensations that tell them when it is time to use the potty. They may pause while playing, squat, grunt or hold on to their genitals.

      Your toddler begins to let you know that they are wet or dirty and lets you know that this is uncomfortable.

      He or she is able to go several hours at a time with a dry diaper and is able to fully empty their bladder all at once, instead of passing small amounts of urine like a younger toddler would.

      Controlling the sphincter muscles in the anus is a must for your toddler to be ready to potty train. This will help hold in stool.

      Whew, I was not expecting to get so indepth with this answer, so sorry for all the reading. Thank you for asking the question though, I now have a lot of helpful tips to use while training my son.

      Good luck! It is sometimes a bumpy road, but success is always in sight if you look for it! =)

    How your 3 year olds are doing?
    Hi i have a kid of 3 year old and just wanted to know all the things your 3 years old can do, plz plz brag about your toddler and his /her abilities, just curious that waht other kids know and what they r learning.

    • ANSWER:
      My son Connor will be 3 on New Year's Eve. He has apraxia, which is a developmental disorder that makes it difficult for him to pronounce sounds, so his speech is expressively delayed. He sees a therapist weekly (and has for 1 year) and will be starting regular kindergarten (for speech) on January 5.

      All of that said--he's extremely bright and advanced in all other areas--receptive speech (meaning he understands just about everything you can say to him and can identify words, colors, numbers, pictures--and especially tools--my husband is a general contractor and carpenter and Connor can select any tool you can think of correctly.) Connor has about a 300+ word vocabulary in American Sign Language (I also sign)--which helped us get over the rough spots when he was first diagnosed--never thought those classes in college would come in handy! I read books to him every day--which he loves and responds to both verbally when he is able to and also in sign. He loves to do art projects, the messier the better, but does not draw letters/numbers yet! He also loves to COOK--we made about 6-7 dozen cookies (with cookie cutters) the day before yesterday and he hung in for several hours of baking! He is extremely interested in taking things apart and putting them back together again--he doesn't just break things and lose interest. If he can't fix something, he brings it to me or my husband and wants to see how we fix it. He is also fairly tidy for a boy who loves messes so much--he always helps me clean around the house.

      Connor is also very athletic--he can catch and throw a baseball with pretty good aim--little less talented with a soccer ball. He can hit a T-Ball 3 out of 4 times and shoot a basket with a kiddie basketball. He can throw a frisbee. He can swim. He can ride his bike very well. He can also climb so well it frightens me. I think he has great hand-eye coordination already. He has been 100% potty trained since turning 2 last year. He can take his own clothes off and on (no zips or snaps yet, and mostly off, LOL) and put his own shoes on except for laces.

      I am most proud that he is very social and friendly and makes great attempts to communicate with people despite his speech issues. He shares well and is very sweet and loving. He likes to flirt with pretty little girls too. He says and signs: "please", "thank you" and "I'm sorry" when appropriate.

      Thanks for your interest. It's easy to brag about your brilliant kids, huh? I love mine and wouldn't trade him for the world.

    HELP ME !!!! How do I get my Puggle Puppy (10 weeks) to stop Marking his territory!!?
    Winston is 10 weeks and he is doing fairly well with potty training. He is trained to the Wee-Wee pads as well as going outside.

    However, he keeps doing this notorious sniffing...I guess he's trying to pick up a scent and then pops a squat!!! Why is he doing that??

    It's driving me crazy!!! When he does pee or mark his territory, I clean it up right away. I have also spread ceyenne pepper and red pepperseeds to discourage this behavior.

    Will he stop or grow out of this?
    Is this a training Issue?
    Should I be doing something Different?
    Is there a difference between peeing and marking territory?

    Thank You!!!
    He even does then after he comes in from outside from a potty break.
    He is crate trained. I block off part of the kitchen as a pen and his crate is in this area. He is in this area while I'm at work. he has a wee-wee pad in this area also.

    • ANSWER:
      No 10 week old puppy is "marking his territory". He's just peeing, and he's peeing whereever he wants because he's not potty trained.

      In puppies, sniffing around in circles invariably leads to peeing -- take it as a sign to get him to the right spot!

      This is a training issue! Consider getting into a Puppy Kindergarten obedience class in your area -- they're invaluable!

      Think of him as a toddler running around the house without a diaper on -- watch him like a hawk.

      He will absolutely need to pee:
      1. Within 15 minutes of drinking
      2. After waking up from a nap/sleep
      3. After playing hard

      Again, these are things a trainer will tell you in a class. They are a great tool!

      Good luck!

    would it be considered abuse or neglect to not change a toddler's poopy diaper?
    scenario: three year old used to be potty trained, but after a few months decided that he would not use the toilet anymore. His mother, fed up with cleaning messes puts the child in pullups, and then refuses to change it. The child is fully capable of going to the bathroom unassisted, but will not. When he does poop in his pull up, he gets a bad diaper rash, but his mother refuses to clean it up unless it is nap time or bed time, so the child has to sit in his own poop for maybe several hours. Would this be considered abuse or neglect, or just bad parenting, or do you think this may be an effective potty training tool.
    this is definitely not about me

    • ANSWER:
      It is neglect. The mother is not physically hurting the child she is just neglecting it.

potty training tools toddlers

Toddler Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I use a baby toilet or a regular toilet for trainig?
    My son is 21 months and I want to start potty training. should I use a speical little toddler toilet or just let him us the big boy potty? I am hearing mixed things. I feel like it would be easier for him to use a little potty. I bought one if those one's that plays music if he actually pees, was this a wise choice?

    • ANSWER:
      I bought a similar one with my youngest I bought a small potty that plays music when she pees it works plus when they are this small they get afraid of the sound it makes when it hits water and also fear falling into the potty and it also helps with the pooping part because they can push on the floor to help get it out once he is fully trained and can sit on the potty they make small cushioned seats to go onto the toilet to make sure they don't fall in.Good luck and happy potty training.

    how to train a kitten to use a toilet?
    I am planning on getting a new kitten within the next month. I have done a lot of research and have come to a decision to teach my new kitten to use the toilet instead of a litter box. Since the kitten will be fairly small when i first get him I was planning on using a toddler toilet.

    Has anyone done this before? please help if you have done this before!

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a website that seems to explain this.

      I hope this helps you! Goodluck with your kitty!

    How do you Potty Train a Boy?
    My son is 17 months old and is on a pretty predictable potty schedule. How do I get him to start going on the toddler toilet?

    • ANSWER:
      I just potty trained my son and daughter. What worked for me was The Potty Stool I started by just setting it at the toilet. My kids immediately climbed up on the stool and discovered that they could safely use the toilet. This got them very interested in using the toilet and they were potty trained very quickly.

      It really helps boys to pee standing up so they can see what is happening and connect the sensations. The Potty Stool lets boys pee standing right into the toilet with no mess.

      I like that I don't have to double the steps of potty training by training them first in a potty and then training them to stop using a potty. And not dumping and cleaning a potty each time is great. The best thing is that kids use it for years. I hope this helps you.

    how do you toilet train your toddler during the night?
    my 2.5 year old toddler is toilet trained during the day but before he goes to bed at night i have to put him in nappy and he wakes up at night at around 2 a.m that i think most likely is because of full bladder or wet nappy...i go to work and it is a bit hard for me to wake up at night so i just wanted to know what most parents do?

    • ANSWER:
      Wait. I'm sorry, but there isn't anything that I can think of that will make them wait. Maybe you want to cut him off from fluids after 5 or 6, you might have to experiment to see what works.

      My kids were 3 or 4 before they could make it through the night. I actually remember wearing diaper to bed for the night. I think I was 4 before I made it through the night.

    How can I make my own FLUSHABLE baby wipes?
    I make my own baby wipes out of paper towel to use on my baby who is still in diapers, but my toddler is toilet training and I find the regular toilet paper to harsh for his little bum. I like the flushable toddler wipes, but they are so expensive. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a product to help prevent a toddler from constantly flushing the toilet?
    My toddler flushes the toilet constantly! Is there a product that stops or prevents the handle from being pushed down? We have a lid lock, but she must just enjoy the whoosh of the flush, so I need something that actually deters her from pushing the handle itself. Thanks
    It's -30 here tonight and shutting the bathroom door with wood heat is not an option! Or else I may have a frozen toilet bowl in the morning....

    • ANSWER:
      yes, its called a bathroom door

      ok try this. take a coat hanger and a pair of pliers. bend one end of the hanger so it hangs from the tank of the toilet down the outside of the tank and hooks just underneath the flush lever so that the hanger has to be slid out of the way for the lever to be pushed or pulled down. when finished fushing slide the hanger back in place. wrap the hooked end under the handle with something so the child wont get jabbed or stuck by the cut end of the hanger.

    How to teach a potty trained 2 year old how to use the BIG potty?
    My 2 year 7 months son has been totally potty trained since He turned 2 last December. At preschool he will use a small toddler toilet, but I haven't tried to get him on our adult size toilet at home--we still use his "potty." He will stand and tinkle in the big toilet, that's all. I think he's ready--he was also relatively easy to potty train. How do I start? Do I get a small seat to attach to the big one? Help!!!! Also how to start teaching wiping? Is he too young for that? First time mom--sorry to be so blunt.

    • ANSWER:
      Yep, getting a small seat is a good idea, the thought of falling down the big loo can be a bit daunting for small kids. Most kids like to be like their parents, so just draw attention to the fact that that's where you go, even announcing to him when you are going to go to the toilet to get him used to it! And getting a stool so he can climb up by himself is also a help.

      Wiping up after themselves comes later. I haven't got to that stage yet, my eldest is three, but as I understand they should be getting into the habit of doing that by the time they reach school age, so by about 4 years or so. Never to young to let them have a try after you've wiped them up first though!

      Whatever you do, don't get too stressed if he doesn't take to it straight away, kids pick up on things like that and it can take a lot longer as a result. Good luck!

    How do you manage these toileting problems?
    If a toddler has been toilet trained but starts regressing and wetting/ soiling themself, what do you do to encourage them to get back on track?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't say the age of the toddler. All kids are different and some take longer than others to traine. you may have thought the toddler was trained but he or she was not. my wife and i had 3 kids and all of them was 3 befor we even started to try an traine them. at that age it only takes about 4 mo. to traine them. we have seen people try to do it at 2 or even younger and its alyway the same thing. having to start over and taking even longer because the mom and dad got in a big hurry to potty traine. and you can read evey book out there on training and it wont help because the toddley ain't read the book!!! and most of the books on it the people that wrote it did not even have any kids so what do thay know about it anyway? Just give it time. dont rush it the toddler will get it when he or she is ready...

    how do I block my post on a Facebook discussion board from showing up on the newsfeed ?
    I like using the discussion forums on some of my FB group pages etc. but the people on my friends list probably arent' too interested in reading my questions to other posters about my toddler toilet training for example! I used to be able to block these from appearing in the news feed and on my profile page.... but FB has changed and now I can't figure it out?! Some techy person please help me?!

    thanks so much!!

    • ANSWER:
      There should be a little padlock beside the "submit" button when you're posting. Click on it, and if it doesn't come up with the group of people you want, click "customise..." where you can manually choose exactly who sees your post. It's annoying to do it every single time, I know -.-

    how can i start my toddler using the toilet?
    my 2yr old just wont use the potty or toilet,just not interested,which is best way to start toilet training?

    • ANSWER:
      I let mine run around naked and when they needed to go they wouldnt go on the floor so they said potty or ran towards the nearest potty (insert mini portable potty)
      Look for signs that your child is ready:
      Can he/she pull up and down pants without assistance?
      Is he/she noticabally uncomfortable with a wet/dirty diaper/pullup?
      Good luck!

    How do you get your toddler to wipe?
    Toddler is fully potty trained but he seems to choose not to wipe. Till what age do you keep wiping for them?

    • ANSWER:
      You can start him wiping NOW. It is just the next part of the lesson. Help him the first few times.

      When done sitting before the pants go up did you wipe? If you are not there and comes out first . You just ask and check to verify . Return to toilet and let them correct and get a new pair of underwear.

      There will be a few mistakes but will learn quickly. Let them DO IT. You can help but the job is not finished until the paperwork is done. They have to do the paperwork NOT YOU. Give them some time to get better at it. Have a few extra rolls ready for this period they tend to be a little generous with quantity and the number of times they need to wipe to finish the job.

      Part of this is wash hands when done. Praise when they do it. Return to toilet when they do not. No need to scold just return and finish. They will soon do the second potty dance I wiped and washed.

      Do not be too fussy known a few adults over the years that do not wipe so good.

    How can we make our toddler want to potty train despite his father wearing diapers?
    My husband wears diapers 24/7 for incontinence. We're trying to potty train our toddler, but he doesn't understand that big boys don't wear diapers unless they have a medical problem. At first he thought that only women stop wearing diapers and that men all wear diapers, but we explained to him that isn't the case. But he wants to be "like daddy." What can we do?

    • ANSWER:
      Buy a book- there is a great one available (I have the UK verision and for a girl but the US boy version will be pretty much the same):

      Also, is there a slightly older boy (your nephew, a friend's boy) who is potty trained who you could have over for a playdate and let your son see them using the potty? He'll get the idea. Take him out and let him choose some underwear- maybe ones with his favourite TV character on. He won't want to get them wet or dirty. Let him choose his own potty, and read the potty book whilst he's on it. Also, if either of you have your father around maybe they could show that adult males do use the toilet?

      If you're the one who's going to be training him mainly then take sure he comes with you every time you use the toilet to get the idea. It will come- it may take a little longre but he will get it. Good luck!

    What age is a good age to start potty training and putting them in a toddler bed?
    I am a 15 month old daughter and I wanted to start teaching her to sleep in a toddler bed and start potty training. My mother in law said its too early and I should wait. I just wanted advice from other mothers to see if I am moving too fast, and also some tips on how to teach her to do these things. I don't want to scare her, and make her, I just want o ease her into doing both.

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter if 15 months also and we've been unofficially potty training her since her first birthday. We're more or less introducing the potty to her, explaining how to take off her diaper/pull-up, flush the toilet. We also bought a toddler bed for our daughter 8 months old. I think as long as you're daughter can walk by themselves, there shouldn't be a problem with the toddler bed. I don't see a reason to wait until they are 2. I'm always being told that I'm doing things too early too but as long as my daughter show interest in things, I'm going to teach her. You have to remember that you're her mom and no matter what we say, you know best.

    How to help toddler overcome fear of public bathroom?
    My son will be 3 in May. He is coming along slowly in his potty training, all of which is at home however. He seems to be increasingly scared of public bathrooms, especially the sound of the toilet flushing. He just gets so scared and refuses to go near it.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, what have you done to help your child overcome this fear?

    Thanks very much.
    By the way, I am a single Mom so unfortunately there is no "Dad" to help out with this.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh mom, you got your hands full! Sounds like a very fortunate young man!
      As you may already know and pratice, positive reinforcment is paramount. I know at 3 it is difficult for him to fully express what frightens him because HE does not fully understand it.
      Is he frightened by other load noises? Have you tried "abstract" teaching techniques?
      Abstract in this area = a game of the "swirrily" in the bowl, or "sink the ship" [ a paper boat to "float" and aim at while peeing] could work as an "under-water explosion" that cleans away the dirty stuff in the water, thats why it is loud. "Lets pretend" game, let us pretend the water is going to a special place and the noise is like a train / rocket ship / {fill in the blank here}.
      I know he is most likely intimidated by the SIZE of the toilet in compairison, give him a step book / stool to stand on, so he can step up "Like the big boys do".
      Yes, a man is important, however, I see you have filled a gap in his life that NO man could ever fill. How about a grampa, uncle or TRUSTED friend to help TALK to him. [not show him or "help", JUST talk out-side the stall for his comfort?]
      At 3, he can still go in the ladies room, frequent outings and mom and son visiting the potty is adult, big-boy type stuff and if HE feels important "protecting" mommy while she takes care of her business then mommy can return the favor, but don't forget the games!
      I know it sounds gross but it works! Keep his mind on sinking that nasty "ship" and laff when it flushes away!

      Good luck!


    when did your toddler start using the toilet on their own?
    my son was potty trained and dry in the day at 23 months.

    he has just now started going to the toilet, lifting the seat, climbing up the steps and pulling pants down, on his own! he is 27 months.

    when was yur able to go toilet on their own?

    • ANSWER:
      both my son & daughter use the potty on their own. My now 3 1/2 yr old was using the potty on his own at 26 mths & my daughter has been doing so since she was 2 & she is now 30 mths old. THey will all get the hang of it on their own time!

toddler toilets

Parenting Sites In India

Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the safest and most reliable matrimonial site in India?
    I wanna look our for a groom for my sister. My parents are against matrimonial sites. Are they safe? Which is the best one in India?

    • ANSWER:
      Always use caution.

    How much should I charge for the puppies?
    okay lets try this again......

    I have 4 Rottweiler puppies. 3 males and a female. Both parents on site. Mom and dad are both professionally trained guard dogs. First shots and deworming. Originally there was 7 puppies but I myself am keeping a male and I have already set aside 2 for close friends. What's a good price?
    This is actually their last litter (and only litter). The female is 5 years old and the male is 4 years old. Female and male will be fixed within the next few years.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know where you are from but here in India we quote the price of puppies based on the pedigree, looks plus the health test certificates, shots and deworming etc. Here a descent quality rottweiler can cost from 00 to 00. Which will have a big and heavy head, huge paws, heavy and punched muzzle etc etc...

    How do I receive money in germany from India?
    I am in hamburg and my family wants to send some money to me from India, but I don't have any bank account here and I checked western union they don't allow sending money from India. Can anyone tell me a better way to receive money from India, which is safe?

    • ANSWER:
      you can use a regular bank account, eg union bank in your case...then you creat an additional account (costless) by PayPal ( ...or... then your family needs aswell a PayPal account...

      it works so...the money becomes send via email...that means:
      you and your parents have a PayPal account...

      your parents in India go on PayPal online site

      the money will transferd from their regular bank account to the PayPal online account

      then the payment becomes send via email to your PayPal account in Germany

      then you click on your PayPal account on a button ??? which loads the money on your regular account in Germany

      I had made it a lot times to pay ebay stuff from Germany to the cost ca 2% of that money which you are sending.

      sorry if I have explained it so difficult...but visit and you might see it self ;)

    What would be the best Yoga or meditation camp or vacation for my parents in India?
    I want to send my parents to a vacation where they can relax and do some yoga and meditation. I want the whole trip be comfortable and can be booked online. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      It's true there are many.
      Try Isha Foundation near Coimbatore.
      Site is- ishafoundation.orgy
      Good luck to your parents for a nice time!

    How do i make my parents trust Online Shopping?
    I want a blackberry flip 8220. It's completely sold out in stores in Hyderbad, India as well as most part of India. Its available on the internet but the sad part is that my parents dont trust in Online Shopping as they still think the store guys will mess around with my dads credit card. How do i make them realize that their take on it wrong?? Please help guys!

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      If a person is convinced of something, it is virtually impossible to change their minds, sorry. Some arguments you can try, though, are:

      > Do they use the credit card over the phone? Is the phone wireless? The data can be 'snatched' there as well, since wireless phone calls are NOT private. They can easily be 'tapped' into and listened to by scammers.

      > Do they use the credit card in a store or restaurant? Any employee can easily take the information from any credit card as they run it and use it themselves.

      > Do they bank on-line? How is that safe and using the credit card is not?

      > ALL transactions, in person, by phone or on-line, depend on repeat customers. You don't get repeat customers if word gets out that you are stealing credit card information. Research the store on-line and see if it has any complaints against it. Also, verify that it has 'secure' checkout.

      > See if the store takes PayPal and see if your parents would feel more secure using that site to pay. PayPal adds an extra layer of protection for the security of their credit card & its information.

      Now, using a credit card on-line is probably less risky than some of the above, as there are so MANY transactions happening on-line at any given time, the risks are greatly lowered that your one transaction will be tagged and its information stolen.

      I should add, that NONE of this convinced my husband, who was just like your parents. What finally convinced HIM -- was when he found something HE wanted that was only available on-line. THEN, he was willing to shop on-line!

    What is the best way to find an acting agent?
    I live in Texas and I really enjoy acting. My parents do not support me however so I'm searching for an agent on my own and would love if the yahoo community would be able to help.

    • ANSWER:
      Kindly go on Google - Acting Agent - Texas :
      Here below are some of the the results :

      Web Results 1 - 10 of about 3,160,000 for Acting agent - Texas. (0.33 seconds)

      Sponsored Links

      Acting jobs & auditions
      Leading site for actors & agents.
      For TV, theatre and film auditions.

      Buy/Sell/Rent Flats, Land, House
      Across India! Search & List Free

      TEXAS ACTING SCHOOLSActing Schools that are available in Texas including links and objectives. ... NYC, and Dallas Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, Producers and Coaches. ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

      Who is the best acting agency in Austin? (relocating, agent ...24 May 2007 ... I am relocating to Austin and I am looking to get a head start on finding an acting/talent agent. I need one that offers Film/TV, ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

      Talent AgenciesA Talent Agency is a business that obtains or attempts to obtain ... More information can be found at the Texas Film Commission and the Texas Music Office. ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    How to buy Refrigerator in India from US?

    I want to buy a Refrigerator for my parents india as a gift. Does any know any site or any other source how to buy a Refrigerator from US.

    • ANSWER:
      Find an Indian company with a web site. The one below has Whirlpool and shows stores in India. They should be able to handle things for you. Or look for a store in the same city as your parents.

    My husband and I are Green card holders, can we bring our genetic child born through surrogate in India, back?
    We are the genetic parents of the child to be born. And we both( me and my husband) hold a US green card. I think baby's birth certificate will be issued on our names as parents by the Indian goverment . My question is will the baby be allowed to enter US. I know on mother's first trip back the child should accompany the mother without a immigrant or non immigrant visa. But the law I guess speaks for birth mother rather it is unclear. Any light on the issue will be very helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      since you are only green card holders, you may need to obtain some permit or visa for the child, the child is not automatically a us resident... so entering the country w/out finding out this information may be a problem... you may need to look at adoption w/ green card holder

      look at the or the us state travel site

      i would suggest you also contact an immigration attorney to make sure you have not issues when you enter!

    My parents are coming from India to US,they know the arrival date,not knowing return date how to take ticket?
    What is open ticket?How to take the open ticket through online?What are the sites which I get the cheap airline ticket?

    • ANSWER:
      Open ticket means passenger can change return date without penalty. Cathay Pacific , Singapore Airlines allows one free return date change. But I am not quiet sure about the policies if you book through online. By the way, you didn't mention the place where they are starting. I am residing in chennai. I know a travel agency here, I used to book air-tickets for my friends from that agency and they are giving best deals. If u need more details, you can email me at

    In the book Opperation Red Jericho where do the parents dissapear to?
    I have a report due and I don't have time to look in the book!
    In the book, Opperation Red Jericho, where do Becca and Doug's parents dissapear to?

    • ANSWER:
      From School Library Journal
      Grade 5-8 Excerpts from 15-year-old Becca's diary interspersed with third-person narrative combine to produce a tale of high adventure, intrigue, and science fiction along the China coast in 1920. Following their parents' mysterious disappearance in the remote Sinkiang region, Becca and her younger brother, Doug, are sent from their home in India to live with their sea-captain uncle, whose research vessel they board in Shanghai. Through their inquisitiveness and spying, they learn of a secret society that may have had something to do with their parents' fate and of a very volatile substance called zoridium that their uncle is trying to retrieve from an evil warlord. Their curiosity leads to their capture and captivity on his island fortress the site of a rousing showdown that sets the stage for the second volume in this trilogy. Memorable, over-the-top characters and an often unbelievable plot are united with fascinating sidebars and graphics, such as short biographies of people like Bohr and Einstein, archival photographs of old Shanghai, vintage newspaper clippings, a chart of the Morse code, diagrams of inventions, or Doug's sketches of the action scenes. Several confidential full-color pull-outs provide detailed descriptions of the various vessels and of an ancient fighting order, the Sujing Quantou. Some readers may pore over the details in this novel; others will simply appreciate the comic adventure. Diane S. Marton, Arlington County Library, VA
      Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

    What is the procedure for Adopting a child?
    What is the procedure for Adopting a Child in India? If I want to adopt a girl child would the Adoption Centre allow it or would it be their own choice for adoption?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually almost everyone gave you wrong information. India is open. You can be single or married. But yes India does prefer to place young children with families where at least one of the parents has Indian heritage. But you said a child so I would assume that means older (age 4 & up?) or else you would have said baby. Most children available for adoption from India are at least two years old. Yes you can adopt a girl as India does allow you to pick the gender of your child. However you MUST be at least 30 years old and in most cases no older than 55, India prefers to place children with parents aged 40 and younger. Here are a few links to some good international adoption agencies that work with India: (this site has a waiting children's page with written profiles of children currently available for adoption from India) (one of the most respected international adoption agencies in the world)

      I hope this has helped and good luck growing your family though adoption!

    What is the best web site for sending flowers internationally?
    I wanna send flowers to my friend who broke leg?What is the best web site to send flowers?By the way this is gonna be international.Place is in Brazil....
    thanks for help

    • ANSWER:
      I would look on the net for a local florist with whom you can place an order over the internet. My father in law was recently very ill while they were on holiday in India and I googled 'florist Dehli' and very easily found an amazing site which was local to Dehli and accepted card payment over the internt. My Parents in law were thrilled, and you get a lot more for your money using a local company than an international company, I imagine. We got them an enormous arrangement for less than 30, and it was really fun to see the different way they present flowers. Your friend will be so happy to receive them. One of the real wonders of the internet to cheer up a friend so far away!

    Does anyone know about any Gift Website which will deliver the ordered gift by post in India?
    I am looking for a gift website which will deliver the ordered gift by post. I am looking for a service in India. If anyone have any idea please let me know.

    • ANSWER:

      I have been using (the shopping and gift section) for last 2 years to send gifts to parents, relatives and friends across India. They are really good and dependable. They always de;iver on the date and time agreed upon. The quality is always good.

      I recommend this site...

    Thinking of migrating to Canada for better job opportunity?
    I am a Media Professional from India.My wife is a Educationist.We are exploring the possibilities of migrating to Canada for better job opportunities.I checked with the immigration authority if we can go for it.We have a option to proceed but I am not very sure weather we are making a right move.I will be grateful if personal experiences can be shared regarding job opportunities and the consideration of Indians for them.We are not affluent in french,will it be a problem for us?

    • ANSWER:
      I have no idea what "immigration authority" you spoke to, but immigrating to Canada is not an easy thing. I recommend you read the Citizenship and Immigration web site for yourself. There are tens of thousands of scammers who will take money from gullible people.

      Baring having immediate family (spouse, sibling, or parents) who are Canadian, having 0,000 to invest in a Canadian company, recently graduating from a Canadian university, or having one of about twelve specific professions (doctor, nurse, etc.), you *must* have a job offer from a Canadian company to even apply. In order to offer a job to a foreigner, a Canadian company must get permission from Citizenship and Immigration Canada which includes a labour market opinion (LMO) report showing a shorting a Canadians skilled in that position. You can check the CIC web-site yourself, but there is no shortage "media professionals" or teachers in Canada. As such, no company can offer you a job and you won't be able to even apply for permanent residency without a job offer.

      Even if one of you gets a job offer, you'll also need 67 points based on your age, education (i.e. you must have at least a four year university degree), English and/or French testing, etc. Being able to speak French (in addition to English) is only worth 8 points, so it isn't typically important. In most places outside of Quebec, not speaking French is not an issue unless you work for the federal government. You also need to complete medical exams, background checks, interviews, and provide financial statements showing that you can support yourself and any spouse or children. Only 10,000 skilled workers are permitted into the country each year, and waiting times for permanent residency applications are three to six years.

    Is there a forum where teachers in India can get ideas for lesson plans or share ideas related to teaching?
    I am new to teaching. I am a teacher in an urban school in India, and want to know where I can get ideas for resources for teaching as I am planning for my first year of teaching. My school uses ICSE syllabus. I was thinking of joining a group or forum where I can pose questions related to my teaching and have experienced teachers help me. I was wondering is there was such a group or forum for teachers in India.

    I know there are lots of sites on the Internet for lesson plans and resources but most of them seem to be from people outside India and their topics and syllabus is different. Besides for many subjects where topics are the same (such as Science and Maths), they use materials and resources that are not available to teachers in India

    • ANSWER:
      There is a new forum that is designed specifically for teachers (and others involved in education in India) called ( The idea is to provide a space for teachers, parents and others to share ideas and resources that are contextually relevant to teaching in India. It is meant to be a community forum for teachers, parents and educators in India.
      The resources that are being shared are websites, books, articles, and organizations, and they are all "tagged" and organized by subject and grade level, so I'm sure you'll find lots of curriculum ideas for whichever grade and subjects you are planning to teach. You could also pose questions there, and add resources (that you may find), too!
      There is also information on education programs for in-service and pre-service professional development in India.
      It is a great resource for homeschooling in India as well, as not all resources shared by homeschooling networks and forums in the US and elsewhere are relevant to teaching and homeschooling in India (as you rightly pointed out).
      Good luck with your teaching!

parenting sites in india

Parenting Videos Youtube

Frequently Asked Questions

    How to convince my parents to let me put videos on youtube?
    my parents say i cant put videos on youtube because there are sick people are the internet.
    Is there anyway to convince them?
    - i will not show my face
    -I will not give out personal information
    -i will let you see the video before i put in on youtube

    • ANSWER:
      Prove yourself to them. Do something for them or get good grades. After, make a good conversation. Once its silent between you two...BAAM-Y! Ask "So since I did all those things for you..Do I get rewarded?" It works for me!! :D

    How do I convince my parents to let me post my videos on youtube?
    So I make these music videos, and my friends all think they're really cool, but my parents think that old creepy guys will watch them cuz I look hot in them. How can I convince them to let me post these videos on youtube? 14yrs old btw

    • ANSWER:
      That's what my parents said. What i did is told them i Promise i will not post my name or any personal information. That might not work if it doesent send me a message and ill tell you the other tricks i know.

    How long does it take for a video on youtube to be taken down after being flagged?
    I flagged a video on youtube today, because these girls were bullying my friend and saying really evil stuff to her in the video and she flagged it too. About how long will it take for youtube staff to look at the video and take it down? People from my school are watching the video and saying rude things to my friend, and she's almost in tears over this.

    • ANSWER:
      I've heard of reports that bullying videos are sometimes left up for a month or more. Youtube is very slow to respond to this type of bullying. Get the girls parents to threaten to sue Google for allowing it to continue, that should get it taken down.

    How to convince your parents to let you make youtube videos?
    I want to start making videos on youtube about makeup, I have everything I need a good camera and a lot of makeup, and I am pretty good at doing makeup. Oh ya I'm 14 turning 15 soon so I think I'm old enough to start. Last time I asked my mom said shell think about it but never did so how can I get her to let me?

    • ANSWER:
      I have brought it up to my mom about making videos, and she doesn't care.
      I mean, if you have fun doing make-up and have a good camera, and lighting ( that is a huge biggie! good natural lighting is #1).
      Then show her some videos.
      Like krazyrayray is like 14 and has videos, and she is good at it too!
      Just show her videos of young makeup gurus!

      And email me your youtube username if you decide to do it!
      I have a beauty channel where i watch beauty gurus! So let me know (; ill sub!

    How to get my parents to let me make youtube videos?
    Hi! So I've been really into makeup lately, and I want to start making beauty videos on YouTube. I don't want to do it without there permission, because I actually want to be serious about YouTube. How can I convince them?!

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    They don't want me to make videos because of safety reasons.... Like there afraid of stalkers and pedophiles on the internet lol.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't see what's wrong with it and why your parents should know
      But if theyre with technology they mite hold you back cause of all the trash people talk

    Is it illegal to post videos on youtube about a 11 year olds life?
    My little sister wants to post her videos on youtube about her life with her friends, i would be the director(age 18) but their only 11/12 is this legal? I have to do all the research before i start their videos. Thnx :D x

    • ANSWER:
      I don't see how it would be illegal as long as she wants to do it and your parents are fine with it. Also get the permission of her friend's parents too. And theres nothing inappropriate on the videos, of course.

    How to ask my parents to let me be a beauty guru on yahoo?
    I'm 13 and really want to post beauty videos on youtube for fun. The only problem is i do not think my parents will let me. How should i ask them and what should i say? Also what do you think about it? Please help!
    please don't tell me i am to young, it is just for fun and i know what i would be getting myself into

    • ANSWER:
      Don't listen to She Wolfe. I'm 19 and still get hit on by elderly men.

      Anywho, every single makeup guru or youtube comedian has to endure lots and lots of criticism and bullying. Bubzbeauty constantly has a impostor saying terrible things about her. People hate Michelle Phan, Chris Crocker, FRED, etc.

      All of them are fairly young, and I really dont advise anyone to do their own youtube series without knowing the ins and outs.

      But to make good videos, since you're probably going to do it anyway, you need a good camera.
      A good camera. xD Not one for 100 bucks.
      Ever seen blurry youtube videos done with a camera phone? Yeah.
      Speak slowly and clearly and put captions on your videos. Do both.

      I'd rather you do nail or fashion tutorials so people wont see your face.

      Tell your parents you like to help people and want to help other people around your age do age-appropriate makeup and such. It's simple.

    What is a good auto focus camera with video?
    My Birthday is coming up and my parents have asked me what I want for my birthday and I want to start filming beauty/make up videos on youtube but I have no idea what camera to get. I want to get a nice looking camera that when I am videoing will auto focus, zoom nicely, be super good quality (HD) and has a viewfinder which I can flip round when filming so I know what I am filming and I dont want it to cost to much money!!!
    Thanks Everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      Most of my video's are useing Locking Exposure and Focus..
      If you use a most times are hoping that the subject will remain steady in place
      That the light will not change../
      My 2-latest purchases--do nice work..
      Canon SX-150is
      Canon Vixia HF R200

    If you make a webcam video on youtube does it add memory to your computer?
    My mom is getting mad cause she thinks when you make a video on youtube it's being saved to the computer, but i looked through all our videos and the video i made wasn't anywhere on our computer. So who's right me or her?

    • ANSWER:
      Horray for being smarter than your parents! :D

      No, it is being stored on Youtube's servers. Now, youtube may store cookies on your computer, but just about every website does this. (Including Yahoo!) Cookies are small (VERY small) things that remember little bits about you. Cookies are what keep you logged in to Yahoo! when you leave the site. Cookies do all sorts of things like remembering personal settings on websites and stuff.

      Now, if you make a movie on your computer and upload it to Youtube, it will only COPY the file onto Youtube. it will still be on your computer. Buy after you upload it, you can delete it off of your computer just like you would with any file.

    How much of my money should I give my parents?
    So I'm fifteen and I've started posting videos on Youtube and putting advertisements on them, and I'm actually starting to make some good money off of them! I'm glad to have a it more pocket money on me, but I figure my parents are morally entitled to some portion of it considering that they bought the computer that I'm making the video with and they're the ones keeping a roof over my head. Besides, I'm happy to contribute to the family expenses. What percent of the money do you think they should have?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow! Congrats on your succsess, well , from my point of view they should have atleast 30-40 percent of your income as they bought the computer :)

    How do I tell my parents and get started?
    How do I tell my parents that I want to be a famous singer? I'm nervous of what they'll say. They are supportive parents but I'm just affraid. Also how do I get starte on this dream? I'm affraid that If I post videos on YouTube that I will become just a youtuber not something more.

    • ANSWER:
      If you post on youtube people will notice you and can become one, exemple justin bieber started by posting youtube video of him singing and look at him now

    Are netbooks good for basic video editing and live streaming?
    A netbook seems to be the only thing in my parent's budget for Christmas. I mostly just want to record and edit videos for youtube and go live on Stickam or other live streaming websites (with the netbook's built in web cam)
    Then I just want to do the basic like go on myspace and watch youtube videos and stuff.
    Will it be okay for all of that?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Sunny;

      Based on what you said then YES it should be. Have fun when you get it.

      Merry Christmas!

    How old should I be to make baby name videos?
    I am old enough to make videos on youtube, I already make animal ones on my pets. I have 41 subbies so it went well for me. So now iv been really interested in baby names, I'm not planning on using any anytime soon I just love paring them up ect. In my videos I would talk about top ten baby names 2012, my favourites, A names, inspired names ect ect.

    I did ask this yesterday but I only got one answer (thankyou to the answerer).
    I'm 13, would you think it's weird if I talk about baby names?(I have parents permission too)

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing wrong with talking about names. Many of the people here are teenage girls who love names as much as the rest of us. I am in my 20's, have 0 children, but consider baby naming a hobby of mine. I don't think it's weird that you're 13 and want to make Youtube videos about it. I would just be careful, as always, with the information you give out on the internet. :)

    How can I watch videos and listen to music online with Ubuntu?
    I am borrowing my parents laptop and they have this weird system called Ubuntu. I am guessing it is something like windows. The problem is I am unable to download anything like adobe flash player and I tunes. So I am wondering if I need to download something else to be able to just atleast do the simple things like watch videos on youtube or download music.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) User Guide


      Take a look at these open source options


      gtkpod (good for syncing)




      To install Flash player go to a webpage that has Flash content

      For example

      In the top right hand corner you will be prompted to install the Flash plugin.

      Click on that and there will be several options. Select the Adobe option then enter your password and the installer will take care of the rest.

      Once Flash is installed restart Firefox


      Installing Software in Ubuntu


    Can someone give me some links of videos for learning how to play a acoustic guitar?
    I just recently got an guitar. So I have no idea how to play it. And my
    Parents don't have enough money for a teacher so I've been looking
    for some videos on youtube but I can't find some that are in my level.
    Can someone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      Believe me youtube is your friend.

      Start by learning your basic chords, major and minor, there: A,B,C,D,E,F,G... D and E being the easiest, F and B the hardest, than learn some basic strumming pattern. Once you know that put it in practice by learning a 3 or 4 chords song,

      Exemple: the most basic lesson on youtube, the D chord:

parenting videos youtube

Toddler Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a good name for a blog about toddler nutrition?
    its a tumblr blog and about healthy food eating and nutrition for a school assignment. It needs to be catchy.

    • ANSWER:
      toddler nutrition

    What are your favorite natural baby/toddler nutrition books?
    I buy organic baby food but I am much more interested in making it myself, and specifically, in having a complete PLAN that will spell out my baby's needs. He is not quite a toddler (10 months) and not eating chunks yet. He has no teeth. So, I am interested in baby and toddler books.

    • ANSWER:
      I love the book "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron! I made almost all of my daughter's solids (including cereals because she most likely has Celiac Sprue (a wheat/gluten intolerance) and most infant cereals have wheat or were at least processed on machinery that also processed wheat. There are tons of healthier alternative grains out there to make cereals out of. My daughter's favorite is still quinoa - and she's almost 16 months old! I mix it with apple sauce or some other fruit or veggie and she LOVES it! I also use all organic foods. The book is very good. I have read many and no other comes close. This one explains all the foods, when its okay to give them, tons of recipes, etc. There are a ton of recipes for children from baby through the toddler years - I even like most of the toddler snacks and it helps me to eat a bit healthier since I'm already making it for Avary! I highly recommend the book! Here's the web site for it;


    What menu is suitable for a toddler to receive her daily nutrition?
    My toddler is such a picky eater. I want her to have a well-balanced diet. Any suggestions for her 3 meals a day and snack?

    • ANSWER:
      mine ate pretty well...but my niece, omg she was really good at not eating anything! Offer her a lot of dipping foods, carrots in ranch, strawberries in cool whip, dipping is fun. Also, if she can...have her help you, I swear you can get a kid to eat anything as long as they get to make it. have her do the pouring or putting the two peices of bread together to complete the sandwich. Toddlers dont eat that much either, which is totally normal. just make sure that when she does eat its healthy. a fruit veggie or a grain!

    What is a good website to learn better nutrition?
    I am 25 years old and I don't think I have had good nutrition my whole life, lol. I guess I just never really thought about it enough to care about it. Now I am a Father to a two year old little girl and it's becoming more and more important to me for us all to eat right.
    Basically I am looking for a good website or two on how to have good nutrition. Things to eat and things to avoid. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I have found this website to be very helpful. It not only tells you the calories, but what proportion of fat/protein/carbs are in things and what vitamins. A really great planning tool! Also has good articles and forums. I also linked a toddler specific one for you.
      I'm glad to see you are being a good responsible parent by ensuring proper nutrition for your child! You are a great example for other parents.

    How can I get my toddler to eat better?
    Maybe I am being a nervous first time parent but I feel like my toddler (2 yr old) is not eating like he should. He is SUPER picky and I want him to eat more healthy stuff instead of processed junk. I really want him to eat more meats like chicken, beef, pork, fish, and vegetables but he won't even touch the stuff or even taste it. Will he get better at eating this stuff with time or is there a trick to this?

    • ANSWER:
      Just don't ever give him junk food. It's not suitable for young children anyway due to the high salts and hydrogenated fats and toxic additives (not suitable for adults either but that's another story!)

      Just have him sit at the table or in his high chair at family meals, and offer him anything that's on the table - if you're eating a healthy diet, then he should be willing to try most things. I've not yet come across a child that age that didn't enjoy raw carrot sticks, or little pieces of cucumber, or small chunks of chicken, or cubes of cheese, etc. Finger foods are often much more tempting than food that has to be eaten with a spoon or fork.

      Never, ever try to force him to eat anything - just keep offering in a low-key way, and if he's not hungry don't worry about it. If you don't think he's getting enough nutrition, try offering home-made fruit smoothies in between meals - straws often make those more appealing for toddlers! - and full-fat yogurt with fruit as desserts.

    How can tempt my unwell toddler to eat and drink?
    He has been unwell for a few days now,and is barely drinking,and not eating at all.
    I'd like to get some nutrition into him,even if it's just a small amount.
    He won't drink milk so I have been giving him a calcium enriched orange juice but any ideas would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Popsicles are great for fluids! Keeping your little guy hydrated is important, food, not so much. If he hasn't been drinking much the past couple of days, chances are he is dehydrated. Pinch his fingernails. They should turn white, and then pink up as soon as you let go. If they stay white, he is dehydrated and needs to see the doctor.

      Good luck, and I hope he feels better soon!

    What do you think of women who nurse toddlers in public?
    Toddlers not being 5 years old, but rather up to age 2 or 3.

    • ANSWER:
      You go girl! Considering the number of responders who seem to think there's something wrong with nursing a child who can walk and talk, women who continue to give their child the best nutrition possible without hiding away should be supported and admired. The only way our society is going to become accustomed to this NORMAL behavior is by seeing it over and over, until it is no longer surprising. And it really is best for the child to continue nursing until physically and emotionally ready to wean, which for most children will be between 2-3 years. If you doubt the benefits of continued nursing, or think it will somehow harm the child, remember that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breastfeeding should continue for at least the first year and beyond as mutually desired, and notes that there is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding. At this point, many states and the federal government protect a woman's right to nurse her child in public, thankfully since it seems many people would still challenge this right.

    How to help a friend with the right nutritional advice for her toddler and baby.?
    My friend is very ill informed about nutrition for children, i have witnessed her feeding her 4 month baby cows milk, yoghurt and many more things that would shock you, her baby is extremely small for her age and i'm just wondering how to set her on the right track as i really care for her and her children.

    • ANSWER:
      That's a tough one. Nobody wants to be told by anyone how to parent better or even differently. She'll probably get mad intially and not want to listen to you- but I think you're right to be concerned.

      Sit her down and tell her you are concerned about her baby and did some research as to what and how much a 4 m. old baby should be eating. Present it to her like that- 'this is what the experts say' etc. Maybe ask her what the doctors have said about her babies size and what she should be feeding it etc. Suggest that you go to the next doctors appointment with her.

      I'm kinda in the same boat with my best friend except it's a cleanliness thing.

    What are some nutrient rich foods to feed my picky toddlers?
    Okay I have a 1 and an almost 3 year old. They are both extermely picky eaters and are way below weight they should be. I am trying to come up with some ideas on some nutrient rich foods that I can concentrate on to sneak in the nutrition I need... I had a nurse tell me that peanut butter was very good and to add it to smoothies ect... what other simple foods are high in nutrition that I can chop and blend into thier food? Any other suggestions for picky eaters?

    • ANSWER:
      you should try recipes from the book deceptively delicious. it teaches you how to puree veggies and sneak them into kids' favorite foods.

    Does chocolate milk contain same amount of calcium and other nutrition like regular milk?
    I want to feed my 21 toddler chocolate milk because she likes it. I know milk is good for bone growth and good for baby. My toddler normally drinks milk, but she also likes chocolate milk. If I feed chocolate milk, would it give her same bone growing ingredient as the regular milk?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, they definitely have some calcium in them especially Neswick or Nestly. Im sure they would enjoy them,

      Please Spread Peace

    What does your toddler eat in a day?
    I am so worried that he won't get the nutrition he needs, but sometimes my 1 year old doesn't want to eat much. What is a typical day for your child, around 1 year old?
    Also, is pediasure good to fill in the gaps?

    • ANSWER:
      My 13 month old daughter's average menu each day (she only has two bottom teeth, so I have to be sure she can mostly gum what I feed her):

      Breakfast: banana slices and some oatmeal

      Snack: Cheerios/crackers or frozen peas

      Lunch: Berries, tortilla or toast, cottage cheese or yogurt, green beans

      Snack: dried fruit or dried veggies

      Dinner: chicken pieces, carrots or peas, applesauce, berries*usually whatever I make for the family to eat, just small pieces*

      My daughter still breastfeeds 3 times in a 24 hour period, and she drinks water or watered down juice... I think that pediasure is a good option to help get your child is getting enough calories, but keep in mind that you want to teach him good, healthy eating choices - so offer them lots of healthy choices. I don't offer my daughter anything with added sugar or flavors, no dipping sauces yet - she LOVES to eat just about everything we offer.

      Talk to your child's doctor if you have concerns that your child is not getting enough nutrition, they tend to have some good insight as well.

    Why can't I just continue feeding my toddler formula milk?
    My friends tell me that he needs to switch to regular whole milk instead of formula milk and to feed him solid foods. However, he is a picky eater and whole mlik doesn't have a complete nutrition that formula has, in addition to formula's lipids, proteins, and vitamins and minerals. So why can't I just keep him on his formula diet until he gets old enough to want to eat a balanced meal? He is 20 months old right now.

    • ANSWER:

    How to figure out what your toddler's adult height will be?
    I've heard that if you double your toddler's height once they turn 2 years and two months, that will be their adult height. Has anyone else heard anything like this?
    wow I see the trolls are out in full force today...

    • ANSWER:
      it depends on nutrition and environment as well as son wasn't very tall as a child. His father is 5'8" and I am 5'7". He is 19 years old and stands at 6'2". Yet he is a spitting image of his father....who would of knew, btw he is a college hockey player for U of M....proud mother

    What can I give my toddler besides milk for calcium?
    I have a 16 month old that started getting chronic ear infections. We are going to a chiropractor. But we also noticed he gets very congested after drinking cows milk. I would like to stop giving him milk, but I don't know what else I can give him to make sure he gets the best calcium and nutrition. I drink Almond milk, and not sure if I can give him this as well. Thank you for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter is allergic to cow's milk. We found this out right b4 she turned 2. We started giving her Rice Milk. They sell it that is fortified with Calcium. We had alot of luck with this and she drank it for over 2 years in place of regular milk. They sell it in Regular, Vanilla, and Chocolate. We used the Vanilla and she really liked it. I am not sure I would try the Almond Milk because he is still so young they say to watch what you give younger kids because it could make them more prone to allergies. Of course I would ask your pediatricain what they think.

    Anyone have any ideas for simple food activities for toddlers?
    I've done a whole bunch of food activities with the kids in my class and I was just hoping to get some original ideas for simple, nutritious food activities that toddlers can do. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      found this site, looks pretty good

toddler nutrition